Sex with Colleague, Part 2

Life has been hec­tic. I do must agree that I ought to be shot for leav­ing so many peo­ple won­der­ing what hap­pened after the exchange of words that faith­ful day at the stairwell.

I con­tin­ued my lunch that day, with­out much think­ing of what had hap­pened just 5 min­utes ago. I ordered myself a plate of fried rice. I scoop a spoon­ful of that still steam­ing hot rice into my mouth. I almost choked myself.

I did not want­ed to eat fried rice the oth­er day, in fact I don’t even remem­bered order­ing that or even fan­cy it. I did not even know how did I end­ed up in a Malay stall as I always patron the Chi­nese chick­en rice stall across the street. I know that the boy liked the friend rice at this stall, but how did I end­ed up here, and order­ing some­thing like that? Was it my con­science play­ing tricks on me?

I quick­ly gulp the remain­ing por­tion of the rice, and head back towards the office. I went in to his depart­ment, in the excuse of mak­ing some office, hope­ful­ly to catch a glimpse out of him and to make sure every­thing is alright.

I did not see him at his place, his bag that he always bring to work is not at his place. I lat­er found out that he had applied for half day leave while I was gone, and had went back home.

I sat at my work­sta­tion, star­ing at the clock. My whole day was ren­dered unpro­duc­tive because of that lit­tle inci­dent back at the stairwell.

The next day I saw him again, at his usu­al self. I tried to mes­sage him on MSN but he was­n’t reply­ing. I thought he might have just been busy. I make an excuse for myself to make some cof­fee hop­ing to catch a glance at him.

He looked away the moment I looked at him, avoid­ing eye con­tacts. It has to be my fault that I have cause such uneasi­ness in between. I hur­ried with my cof­fee, only to real­ized that I have put cold water instead of hot water, and I am sure he know about it too.

I mes­saged him on MSN again.

Did you know that I was so dis­ori­en­tat­ed that I have put cold water instead of hot water? Now my cof­fee is lumpy.”

No reply.

After almost 5 min­utes, my MSN final­ly showed some activity.

You know, the oth­er day you real­ly hurt my feel­ings. Why did you even both­er msg me now?”

I’m sor­ry, I was­n’t pre­pared for that kin­da questions.”

Does­n’t mean you have to freak out like that, right?”

Yes, Im sorry.”

Do you like me?”


I could not hold back my feel­ings anymore.

I like you, in fact I had a crush on you the moment you have stepped in to the office.”

I con­tin­ued.

I do not know why did I freaked out the oth­er day, but I regret that I had. Is there any way for us to patch up, at least let me do the patch­ing up?

Silence again.

Maybe it was my fault that I have asked that kin­da ques­tions to you in the first place. Why not we both try to patch things up, and take things eas­i­ly so we can remain as friends and bet­ter yet, as buddies?”

Yeah .. let’s just do that.”

That evening after work, we both fin­ish up all our tasks that day and went for a movie and din­ner togeth­er. We watched Har­ry Pot­ter and had our din­ner at KLCC. For the very first time, he kissed me on my cheek in the cin­e­ma, when Ron kissed Hermione

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