Review: Playsafe Condoms

For those who had bought and tried this type of con­dom would prob­a­bly tell you that it sucks.

I keep on for­get­ting about this par­tic­u­lar brand of con­dom, main­ly because when I do get this brand, it was either I was in mid­dle of no where, or was rush­ing for time.

Playsafe Condoms

I sup­posed a lot of peo­ple dis­like hav­ing a con­dom on, and a major turn down is the smell of the latex. For the Playsafe con­dom, the smell of the latex was very strong, prac­ti­cal­ly filled the whole room. The lubri­cant that was used was­n’t enough, and we had to sup­pli­ment it a lit­tle with ID Lube.

Wear­ing the con­dom almost give you the feel as if you were wear­ing a glove. The sense of touch and feel were ‘fil­tered’ by the con­dom upon pen­e­tra­tion. It was way too thick.

A con­dom is bet­ter than noth­ing, if you are stucked mid­dle of no where with lim­it­ed change, go ahead; but if you were into sen­su­al feel­ing with your part­ner, this is the kind of con­dom you should stay away from.

**Feel­ing: 3**

**Lubrication/ease of appli­ca­tion: 2**

**Aes­thet­ics: 3**

**Total: 8**

Price: RM3 for pack of 3


*Feel­ing is how the con­dom felt. Did it feel like the real thing; not wear­ing at all.*

*Lubrication/ease of appli­ca­tion refers to how well was it lubri­cat­ed. Was extra lubri­cant need­ed to get things on the go. Was appli­ca­tion easy? Was it too tight? Too loose? For the norm, we use the ‘stan­dard’ size.*

*Aes­thet­ics refers to the over­all look of the con­dom. Does it smell like a tire fac­to­ry? Per­haps a glow in the dark con­dom?*

  1. Famez I have tried that yet. Sud­den­ly my boy friend refuse to make love with latex on. So this review is gonna drag for a while.