Review: Durex Orange

While not many peo­ple would aware that Durex do also pro­duce fla­vored con­doms, these con­doms are only avail­able out­side of Malaysia per­haps due to the con­servertive Malaysian Government.

In a black box they come in, some of the orange scent escape from the box when you opened it. Comes in a strip of 5, it was more than enough to give it a try.

Durex Orange

Upon break­age of the pro­tec­tive cov­er, the scent of tangy orange fills up the vacin­i­ty. While we had tried anal sex with the con­dom, but I think this kind of aes­thet­ics con­doms are meant for oral sex.

The taste of the orange fla­vored lubri­cant was­n’t too weird. None of us had any tum­my ache, so I guess the con­dom was pret­ty safe for ‘con­sump­tion’. It is one of the con­dom that both me and my part­ner enjoy suck­ing. For those that likes to vis­it hot spots like Thai­land, per­haps it is time to suit up with fla­vored con­doms. At least it is more pleas­ant to your part­ner then the filthy latex smell.

How­ev­er, if you plan to use this con­dom for inter­course, I would sug­gest oth­er­wise. The mix­ture of the orange fla­vored lubri­cant and oth­er bod­i­ly flu­id might not be pleas­ant. The thick­ness of the con­dom is rather thick as well, mak­ing it not an ide­al con­dom if you are look­ing for the real thing.

Feel­ing: 3
Lubrication/ease of appli­ca­tion: 4
Aes­thet­ics: 4
Total: 11

Price: USD4 for pack of 5


Feel­ing is how the con­dom felt. Did it feel like the real thing; not wear­ing at all.

Lubrication/ease of appli­ca­tion refers to how well was it lubri­cat­ed. Was extra lubri­cant need­ed to get things on the go. Was appli­ca­tion easy? Was it too tight? Too loose? For the norm, we use the ‘stan­dard’ size.

Aes­thet­ics refers to the over­all look of the con­dom. Does it smell like a tire fac­to­ry? Per­haps a glow in the dark condom?

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