Review: Durex Love

It is not an easy task some­times to slip on a con­dom while you are already in the mood of mak­ing out with your lovers. How­ev­er, the thoughts and the lifestyle of casu­al sex nowa­days does war­rant for such pre­ven­tive measures.

I would not say that con­doms are a total­ly turn offs, in fact I think it is quite an expe­ri­ence if you could get your part­ner to put on a con­dom for you dur­ing fore­play before the actu­al act of sex­u­al intercourse.

Durex Love

While we were brows­ing on which con­dom to try on the oth­er day, we came across Durex Love.

The first impres­sion that I have with the con­dom is it is going to give a ‘hot’ kind of feel­ing, because that is what love is all about, hot and sexy.

Putting on the Durex Love con­dom is fair­ly easy with Durex’s “Easy-On” condoms.

How­ev­er, per­haps it was my wrong per­cep­tion, I was almost expect­ing a ‘hot’ tin­gling feel with the con­dom. It was how­ev­er, felt nor­mal. With the 52.5mm diam­e­ter how­ev­er, it felt a lit­tle tight. The feel­ing of pen­e­tra­tion how­ev­er felt real­ly good.

I would not give it much of a good use, as I was expect­ing a ‘hot’ kind of con­dom. It does cost more com­pared to a nor­mal Durex condoms.

Feel­ing: 4
Lubrication/ease of appli­ca­tion: 5
Aes­thet­ics: 1
Total: 10

Price: RM6 for pack of 3


Feel­ing is how the con­dom felt. Did it feel like the real thing; not wear­ing at all.

Lubrication/ease of appli­ca­tion refers to how well was it lubri­cat­ed. Was extra lubri­cant need­ed to get things on the go. Was appli­ca­tion easy? Was it too tight? Too loose? For the norm, we use the ‘stan­dard’ size.

Aes­thet­ics refers to the over­all look of the con­dom. Does it smell like a tire fac­to­ry? Per­haps a glow in the dark condom?

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