Pre Christmas Party

I remem­ber on my last Christ­mas, I was hav­ing so much fun that I wished every­day is still Christmas.

Beside receiv­ing and giv­ing away gifts, last year was total­ly awe­some for me as I have real­ly enjoyed myself, and not to men­tioned par­ty the whole night long.

I was sup­posed to fol­low some of my friends to par­ty along in some beach clubs in Penang. How­ev­er, just on the eve of Christ­mas last year, I got an invi­ta­tion from KL, and the guy was will­ing to fly me to KL from Penang.

Of course, there was no need to men­tion that he is actu­al­ly quite wealthy, and spend­ing mon­ey is like nobody’s busi­ness to him. He is quite a socia­ble char­ac­ter him­self, which gives him the charis­ma to min­gle around with almost anyone.

I liked him because he does not seem to be some­one that would use the mon­ey that fills up his pock­et to sleep with peo­ple. In fact, he respects the peo­ple that he moves around with, espe­cial­ly with me, I noticed.

Could it be because he liked me? I found out lat­er that day, after my arrival at KLIA (I was fly­ing MAS, from Penang to KL, not AirAsia)

He wel­comed me with his chauf­feur dri­ven Mer­cedes. I don’t usu­al­ly fan­cy this kind of stuffs, I would rather he was the one behind the wheels and I was just rid­ing along. Not only did he came with the car, he also brought a bou­quet of flow­ers with him, for me.

I know what you guys are think­ing, hey this is the metro-sex­u­al guys era, receiv­ing flow­ers is total­ly nor­mal. I mean, if a guy can buy a girl that he likes flow­ers, why can’t a guy buy a guy flow­ers too?

We checked in to a hotel at the city cen­ter, where he left me in the room while he went back for some fam­i­ly busi­ness. He said some­thing about his rel­a­tive were in town, and took up all the guest rooms. Deep down in my mind, I want­ed to tell him I do not mind cud­dle with him on his warm bed, on that cold Christ­mas eve morning.

I was real­ly tired from the flight, and I almost missed din­ner. Dur­ing din­ner time, I was intro­duced to his father and moth­er and the oth­er rel­a­tives as well. One of the younger teen-aged cousin jok­ing­ly asked if I am his boy friend. He shy away after look­ing at my ‘sur­prised’ expres­sion. I did not know that his fam­i­ly was so liberal.

It did not take long until his father asked him the same ques­tion, this time how­ev­er, was in a rather seri­ous manner.

He denied it, of course he would. I mean, we are just friends who I have met online almost a year ago. What the father said next total­ly caught me off my chair, and I can almost feel my heart­beat miss a beat.

I do not mind a son in law that is as good look­ing as Cedric, I like the boy.” the father said that while look­ing at me, with a smile.

The whole table went qui­et after that, a few minute pass by until the moth­er call on the maid to bring out the deserts.

I lat­er found out that the father and son rela­tion­ship was very close. My friend had already told the father that he is gay, and being a father, not only is he being sup­port­ive over it, the father do know how to cre­ate jokes around it.

After din­ner, the father invit­ed me for a few games on the PS2 with him. I am not an avid fan of PlaySta­tion games, and I must say hav­ing that small chats and being togeth­er with his father real­ly put me into a very very deem ‘won­der­ing’ machine. I mean, this would be a fam­i­ly that many would have dream of.

My friend took me up to his room, and he showed me the presents that he got from his rel­a­tives over­seas. He asked me to join him open­ing some of the presents, which I did. There’s presents like gui­tar, books, a plat­inum neck­lace, and etc. One of the thing that I could not for­get is that he has got a pack­et of con­doms from one of his cousins, with the note “hope you have a hap­py Christ­mas”. My friend pass the con­doms to me, and said, “you might need this later.”

We first stopped by Zouk, where sev­er­al of his friends were wait­ing for him. We had a few friend­ly drinks over there, and then head over to Liq­uid Bar. I guess those friends in Zouk were his nor­mal straight friends, and he was just enter­tain­ing them.

Back in Liq­uid Bar, it seems like he prac­ti­cal­ly owned the actions there. Some of his friends were there, and not just some, but quite a fair bit of peo­ple that night.

We were sit­ting on the sofa that was near the entrance. The Christ­mas mood was slow­ly set­ting in. I was still try­ing to digest the turkey and the red wine that I had for din­ner just now, plus some mix­ture of Vod­ka and whiskey from Zouk earlier.

In Liq­uid Bar, togeth­er with the euphor­ic music, I was again sucked into the amount of abun­dant alco­hol. No, before you think oth­er­wise, he did not encour­age me to drink, in fact he tried to stop me from drink­ing that much.

The sto­ry goes back a cou­ple of weeks after I have broke up with my then boy friend. We were in love for many months already, and prac­ti­cal­ly doing things like we have known each oth­er for a very long time. Well, that is the prob­lem, we did know each oth­er for a very long time. I have only met him for a cou­ple of times, and the next time we know, we are lovers and mak­ing love on my bed.

My friend brought me to KL to chill my minds off my ex boy friend. He want­ed to be beside me for the time being, while spend­ing time with me, and using Christ­mas as an excuse. It was a fuck­ing good excuse, I tell you.

So any­ways, we drank and drank and past to Christ­mas day. I was almost pass­ing out when it was time to go back home. He did give me a few tight hugs, and hav­ing chats on the way, but my mind was filled with some­thing else, some­thing that I wish had not happened.

We went to a mamak joint to chill out for a bit to shave up the exces­sive alco­hol that was in my sys­tem. He was still stand­ing alright, per­haps he did not want­ed to be drunk. We start­ed talk­ing and talking.

On that night, we did talk about what had hap­pened dur­ing din­ner that night. He told me he did thought about it before, but was­n’t sure if he should move in. He know that I just broke up, and need some time to heal. His words made me felt so warm, and com­fy. By the time when we reached the hotel, he ush­ered the chauf­feur off, and we went up to the room. It was a love­ly Christ­mas that I have spent togeth­er, with some­one that I love.


2 Responses to Pre Christmas Party

  1. famezgay December 25, 2007 at 1:26 am #

    so did u make him as ur bf in the end? he seems to be a very nice guy wei…

  2. Cedric Ang December 25, 2007 at 3:27 am #

    Famez well, thats anoth­er sto­ry to tell

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