Pornographic Dolls?

I find the sto­ry pub­lished by The Star hilarious.

Porno­graph­ic dolls? Why can’t they just call it the sex dolls? I mean, give me a break, thse kin­da nov­el­ty stores has been in Malaysia for the longest time, think I Need House, think the shop that I bought the springy con­doms, think the Con­dom shop in Sri Petaling.

I guess Mohd Rizal Abidin must be liv­ing in a cave or some­thing. Per­haps he is just plain ignorant?

My first expe­ri­ence of sex toys was when I was younger. It did not cost extor­bi­tant­ly expen­sive, or I should put it, affordable.

It was all impor­tant. Back then, it is still a taboo sub­ject when I Need House first start­ed their busi­ness. I would not want to be seen by some­one that I know enter­ing, or exit­ing the place.

So online sex toy shop order­ing was the only way that I see fit.

What have I ordered before? Besides few dozen of con­doms, and a dil­do, and a few mas­tur­ba­tor, a sex doll, plen­ty of lubri­cants, I think I have vir­tu­al­ly got every­thing except the edi­ble underwears.

What do I learn from the expe­ri­ence? Well, I have learned that KY Jel­ly or durex are just cheap and of low qual­i­ty. I love Eros, and oth­er sil­i­con based prod­ucts and I have nev­er used water­base prod­ucts like KY Jel­ly or Durex any­more. Why?

Sim­ply put, water­based lube just can’t last as long as me and my part­ner. Nuff said.

Nov­el­ty should be left as it is. With­out toys, what would the soci­ety turn for? Real vagi­na and assholes?

See­ing that I have quite an amount of search­es that is com­ing from Google for Porno­graph­ic dolls, then I guess I have to reveal my expe­ri­ence in where to get these dolls, and for cheap­er than RM200 bucks!

I actu­al­ly has got a pic­ture of it, but it is at home and I am at Star­bucks now read­ing on some books. Maybe lat­er I should go back and upload a pic­ture. In this blog post, I will do every­one a favor. I will teach you where and how to obtain one

But before I get on to the porno­graph­ic doll, as some peo­ple like to call it, lets talk about my expe­ri­ence with sex toys, or adult toys in general.

Like I have men­tioned before, I have got var­i­ous sex toys. Being a urban breed homo­sex­u­al male, and with Inter­net access, I could not resist.

For my anal stim­u­la­tion, I have a dil­do. Rub­ber and hard.

The dil­do or dong as some peo­ple would like to call it, is actu­al­ly meant for females as a vagi­na open­ing is much more big­ger than the anal open­ing. I would only pre­fer to use this when I am super horny. This thing is about 5cm around, which is about 2 3/4 inch diam­e­ter. (not real­ly sure the num­bers, but trust me I can scream when I put this thing in me).

I per­son­al­ly pre­fer the butt plug that I have. Same with the dil­do, it is made from rub­ber. It has got a vibrat­ing func­tion, and also it has a pump that expands the oth­er end of the butt plug, mak­ing you feel ‘full’ when it is up in your ass. I don’t use the vibra­tion func­tion, I just don’t see the stim­u­la­tion stim­u­lat­ing. In fact, I only use the butt plug as a com­pan­ion for my masturbator.

I have two mas­tur­ba­tor, both bat­tery oper­at­ed, one a make shift pump. I pre­fer the pump because it con­tain a mem­brane at the open­ing, and a ribbed sleeve to hug my cock. The pump has got 2 func­tions, a pump (duh) and a mas­tur­ba­tor, also bat­tery oper­at­ed. The motor­ized top end, will move the ribbed sleeve, thus giv­ing it the up and down motion. How­ev­er, the up and down motion was­n’t enough for me, I fuck the whole thing instead. The oth­er oth­er one was noisy, I refuse to use it because the motor gives out a loud buzz. It is basi­cal­ly a sleeve with a rather thick rub­ber, and 2 plas­tic ‘gears’ that you can find in those toy stores, that runs between each oth­er. The motor moves it up and down, giv­ing it a nice long stroke on my cock. I sim­ple love it, but it was too tight for me, and some­times it was a lit­tle hurt­ful. It is also too noisy, mean­ing that I could not just use it when­ev­er I want.

A more sub­tle mas­tur­ba­tor that I have is the Cyber­skin anus, and the latex vagi­na. I like the Cyber­skin anus more because it gives me more plea­sure, and know that Cyber­skin is made of soft human flesh like mate­r­i­al, it actu­al­ly feels like you are mak­ing love with some­one. I like putting it between my pil­lows, and start hump­ing my pil­lows. With the right pres­sure and posi­tion, it real­ly felt that way. The latex vagi­na was a lit­tle too rough on my cock. Inside the ‘hole’ there are ten­ta­cles that sticks out, sup­pos­ed­ly to give a tick­ling sen­sa­tion. The tick­ling sen­sa­tion turn out too be too painful, because latex hard­ens in time.

I like both the penile stim­u­la­tion and the anal stim­u­la­tion togeth­er. With the use of the butt plug, and the Cyber­skin anus, I can have the plea­sure of both. It feels like you are fuck­ing some­one, and at the same time being fucked. How­ev­er, you do not real­ly feel the thrust­ing move­ment of a cock inside you because a butt plug just acts like a plug, it rubs on your G Spot, giv­ing you that mul­ti­ple orgasm that not many men in Malaysia can give to a receiv­ing par­ty in a fuck. of course, my boy friend would dis­agree that I am one of those men

In my sex craze days, I got myself a sex bed as well. I like call­ing it the sex bed, because it is where I had my orgies and oth­er sex­u­al inspi­rat­ed activ­i­ties. It is a king size bed, air pumped, and with har­ness­es all over the sides. Yes, you got that right. Har­ness­es. With vel­cro and quick release, unsus­pect­ing peo­ple that sleeps on the bed gets a sur­prise that they nev­er would imag­ine. I love the bed.

I have had so many sex toys lying around that I myself some­times for­got about their exis­tence. Sex toys could be fun in a rela­tion­ship, but you have to remem­ber, it is just a toy.

Oh yes, I for­got, I am sup­posed to show you the pic­ture of the porno­graph­ic doll that I got, and where to get it, and the price.

Here it is. 

Pornographic Doll
This one is avail­able in Ikea, not too sure about the price, I am sure it is less than RM200. What? It don’t look like a nice butt to you? Oh geeze, put some imag­i­na­tion to it. It saves you money.

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7 Responses to Pornographic Dolls?

  1. NotHamsap August 12, 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    So true, i think the word “porno­graph­ic toys” will catch more atten­tion that sex toys itself. and maybe he just wan­na attract peo­ple’s atten­tion? lol.

    by the way, what do you rec­om­mend then if KY is not good?

  2. Relax August 12, 2008 at 6:42 pm #

    wat about vibrat­ing butt plug?

  3. Melvin Foong August 13, 2008 at 10:51 am #

    You love rank­ing the search engine, ya?

  4. Cedric Ang August 13, 2008 at 10:56 am #

    NotHam­sap: I use Eros, you can get it from I Need House, but they are a lit­tle pricey. I would sug­gest that you import it from the var­i­ous adult shop web­sites that you can find. Some are real­ly cheap.

  5. Cedric Ang August 13, 2008 at 10:57 am #

    Relax: Yes, but I don’t like it vibrat­ing. Feels weird .. but that’s just me.

  6. paul August 13, 2008 at 9:22 pm #

    Good gra­cious. You have a sex toy museum! 😛

  7. Cedric Ang August 14, 2008 at 8:45 pm #

    Paul: Yes, I do .. hehehe

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