Ping to PPS, is that right to do?

It seems like my activity/freedom to use PPS to ping my entries to regain much lost traf­fic has raised some eyebrows.

It was noth­ing actu­al­ly, just a ran­dom some­one thinks that I have post­ed some­thing too obscene in PPS, that he said was distasteful.

Fun­ny because this par­tic­u­lar some­one claims that he is not against homo­sex­u­al peo­ple but calls homo­sex­u­al peo­ple as ‘fag­gots’. Bear in mind that the more homo­sex­u­al out there, the less com­pe­ti­tion you have, if you get my drift.

One could twist the sit­u­a­tion on the oth­er hand, and when it comes to surf­ing for porn for het­ero­sex­u­al, these big­ots are all okay about it because it was the right thing to do.

On the very first para­graph of each post are very sug­ges­tive descrip­tion on what to come next. Unless pro­voked to see more, I doubt any­one would want to scroll down even more and check on the con­tent. Need I say more?

Guilty as it seems, you seems to insult your own intel­li­gence, per­haps you think you might know how to speed read and have gone over­board with your mouse scroll, but who are you to dic­tate what I can post and can­not post when was mere­ly putting a point­er in PPS, and mag­i­cal­ly some­one like your good self fol­lowed all the way till the last picture.

So are you gay deep down inside, which makes you scroll down for more? Or are you just get­ting thirsty for the cum that was wait­ing at the end of the post?

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