Outdoor Sex, Part 2

If you have not catch the first part of the sto­ry, you need to read it to under­stand the whole situation.

My sud­den ‘freeze’ motion had trig­gered Jay to stop his hump­ing, and his dick slow­ly shrink into bite size. Blocked from the view, Jay could not tell what is wrong, but only to his instinct that we are in trou­ble. My body lan­guage had trig­ger him to freak out togeth­er with me.

I had wish it was a pussy, or a rat or some­thing. Instead, it was a live­ly human fig­ure that stood there. Both of us freak out. Jay’s cock was total­ly flac­cid and it slipped off my mouth and exposed to the chill morn­ing air.

The human fig­ure walked towards us, there were 2 of them. We froze there, and our feet would not want to move an inch. When the 2 human fig­ures walked clos­er, and the dim light shines on their face, only we real­ized that they are too lovers try­ing for a spot for some out­door love session.

Still in shock, I tried to hide Jay’s flac­cid penis from the view. My effort was quite use­less, as they were there wit­ness­ing the whole oral ori­fice just moments earlier.

I would describe both of ‘intrud­ers’ as young inno­cent guys try­ing to have some fun. It looks like they are lovers, but it was ashame that they could not afford a hotel room of some sort for their love mak­ing ses­sions. Me and Jay on the oth­er hand, were just explor­ing the excite­ment of hav­ing sex out­door style.

Ken and Lin­coln were both just out of their sec­ondary school. I per­son­al­ly like Lin­coln more for his fair facial complexion.

It was their first time mak­ing out actu­al­ly, they had been want­i­ng to do it but because of lack of time and place, they did not do it togeth­er. On that faith­ful day when me and Jay decid­ed to try it out­door, so hap­pen, they 2 young lovers were at that place as well. Wrong place, wrong time. Or should it be otherwise?

I took both of them, togeth­er with Jay to a hotel near­by. It was at RM88 per night, not too bad of a price to pay that comes togeth­er with 3 young adorable young man, I thought.

I can see in Jay’s eyes that he is excit­ed about the whole thing. I would too, just ran­dom­ly pick up some cute young strangers in the park lit­er­al­ly with their pants down, as a mat­ter of fact, with our pants down, caught by 2 love­ly and adorable young strangers.

The sit­u­a­tion there was a lit­tle weird. Weird because for every each of us, there are 2 strangers amongst us.

I gave Jay a peck on his cheek, putting my hand into his pants. He is start­ing to build a hard on, slow­ly. Ken and Lin­coln fol­low suit.

While Lin­coln and Ken were kiss­ing each oth­er, I inter­rupt­ed by kiss­ing on Lin­col­n’s neck. Lin­coln turned over, and gave me a kiss on the lips. He pulled my hand and slip it in to his pants. Ken was lick­ing and kiss­ing my neck, Jay was down strip­ping me off my jeans which was con­tain­ing my hard cock.

Shock­ing­ly, Lin­coln break the kiss, and bend down engulf­ing my cock. Ken rub­bing his face in Jay’s hands, tak­ing his fin­gers gen­tly into his mouth. Jay had secret­ly whis­pered to me that he likes Ken, if only Ken knows how much Jay were dream­ing of that, it would be heavenly.

The air in the hotel room is tan­gi­ble, sur­round­ing 4 horny guys wait­ing to be brought to orgasm.

Lin­col­n’s suck was sub­tle. He knows how to play with his tongue. Wrap­ping my cock with his full lips, I lie down on the bed, motion­less, enjoy­ing every sin­gle moments of it. I push his head down even more, Lin­coln got the sig­nal, and bur­row­ing him­self down to my scro­tum giv­ing them licks and lov­ing care on both side. Feel­ing of excite­ment send­ing chills through my spine to my brains, send­ing large amount of dopamine.

Ken and Jay were both enjoy­ing them­selves in a 69 posi­tion. Their height was almost the same, mak­ing each oth­er’s cock in easy access to each oth­er. It was a per­fect match.

Lin­coln start­ed to lick on my nip­ple, it was this time that both of our cocks meet each oth­er. One of his hand were grab­bing his cock togeth­er with mine giv­ing them gen­tle strokes. Our cocks were of sub­stan­tial size, giv­ing him a lit­tle hard time to grab both of them at the same time.

With­out me real­iz­ing it, Lin­coln had placed my cock into the open­ing of his love hole. It felt real­ly warm, per­haps due to the excite­ment. He start­ed kiss­ing me again. With­out notice, he sat upright, and start­ed low­er­ing him­self, hav­ing my cock going into him almost force­ful­ly. I can see his facial expres­sion of pain, and per­haps a lit­tle guilt. With my pre­cum ooz­ing from the tip of my dick, it pro­vide a lit­tle lubri­ca­tion, but sad to say it was­n’t of suf­fi­cient amount to allow the whole dick to pen­e­trate. Lin­coln inside that he was okay, and push him­self harder.

His tight love tun­nel was pulling my fore­skin pret­ty hard, the pain trans­lat­ed to plea­sure after a while, and we final­ly man­aged to get half of my dick in.

He pulled out, after a while try­ing to get it all in. He smeared some lubri­cant while I have brought along to his love tun­nel, this time it was much more eas­i­er. The full length of my cock was in him, and he was rid­ing hap­pi­ly on me, enjoy­ing every inch of my meat.

In the mean time, Ken and Jay too was approach­ing the moment where they would fuck. Ken was on top of Jay, slow­ly enjoy­ing each oth­er’s body. Ken was rock­ing back and forth, with a lit­tle hip motion. It was weird though, because Jay had ear­li­er declare that he would not let any­one fuck him, except for his boy friend. I guess Jay must have liked Ken so much, that this time would be an excuse only him­self would be able to explain.

Lin­coln roll me over, he whis­pered to me that he want to get my full length, and mis­sion­ary posi­tion would be the best. I guess the boy could not get enough of my cock, and want­ed to get every­thing in him. I know how that felt.

With his legs on my shoul­ders, I slow­ly posi­tion myself in the attack posi­tion, slow­ly inch­ing my way to get the full length in. Lin­coln gave a light moan when I ‘touch down’. I was a lit­tle con­cern that I might be too big for him, I look into his angel eyes to see if he was okay, he nod­ded and I con­tin­ue mak­ing love with my new found lover.

Lin­coln want­ed me to cum inside him. He said the feel­ing of cum ooz­ing from dicks give him the plea­sure of warmth. I com­ply, and shot my load into him, and then drop down to his chest, breath­ing heavily…

The ses­sion prob­a­bly last­ed for at least 2 hours. In no time, we see the sun light peek­ing by the heavy cur­tains of the hotel room. We slept in each oth­er’s arms till late noon.

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2 Responses to Outdoor Sex, Part 2

  1. famezgay July 4, 2008 at 3:28 pm #

    gosh so U have anoth­er UNSAFE SEX!!! R U going to have anoth­er test 6 months later?

  2. Cedric Ang July 4, 2008 at 3:39 pm #

    Ya lor .. what to do .. excit­ed marh !

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