Outdoor sex

After get­ting a lit­tle sober from the abun­dance of drinks that [night in MarketPlace](http://www.cedricang.com/a/personal/marketplace-kuala-lumpur-20080629/ Club­bing in Mar­ket­Place”), we adjourne back home. After drop­ping Frankie back to his place, we (me and Jay) start­ed to inch our way back.

Pri­or to our ‘club­bing’ night, Jay had agreed that we have a lit­tle fun by our­self. Ever since he broke up with his boy friend a year ago, he had not had any encoun­ters with any­one. That’s what he told me.

Jay is quite pop­u­lar on the dance floor that night. Many hugs were exchanged, which I think they know Jay. See­ing that these most peo­ple are pret­ty good look­ing ones, I was feel­ing a lit­tle jealous.

Not only did I not get as many hugs as Jay had, I can say I was pret­ty lone­ly and I had not had a chance to exchange kiss­es on the dance floor while hug­ging him; Jay was busy with his ex boy friend whom were giv­ing me that killer stare when I was try­ing to ‘snatch’ Jay to myself. Just a while more, I told myself, a few more hours, I would be run­ning my fin­gers all over Jay’s body, and kiss­ing his soft lips, star­ing into his angel eyes. That is, if he had not change his mind, and fol­low his ex boy friend back, per­haps for some I‑so-miss-you-after-we-broke-up sex.

Still under the influ­ence of alco­hol, I dare not take the car up to my usu­al speed. Even with the improved tech­nol­o­gy of ABS, bet­ter tires, trac­tion con­trol and all that terms that only a car junkie would know, safe­ty should still adhere at the steer­ing wheel.

I got even hornier by the minute on the way to the des­ti­na­tion. I took a detour to ‘Lost World’ think­ing that there might be a qui­et dark spot avail­able. I was wrong. Instead I found a nice spot on the oth­er side of the gar­den, but it was on a pri­vate prop­er­ly. I parked my car, and let my lips go into action. I kissed Jay all over, not miss­ing a sin­gle part of his lips. Jay kissed back. I unzip Jay, and Jay quick­ly unbuck­le his pants and pull down his under­wear reveal­ing his hard cock.

I dive in, sur­pris­ing­ly, even after that many hours of hard danc­ing to the heart thump­ing music, there were no foul sweaty smell from Jay’s groin area. It was just the pleas­ant boy­ish smell. Jay was moan­ing, and get­ting loud­er and loud­er. I got even more excit­ed, I want­ed Jay to fuck me.

Pri­or to the night, I had pre­pared myself with a cou­ple of con­doms and lubri­cant. I nev­er put con­doms in my glove com­part­ment because it would destroy the latex, hence, I had to bring it out when I was leav­ing my house that evening, and I make sure that I pack it.

I got so horny, I want­ed Jay to enter me. I told him that, he was a lit­tle reluc­tant as we were quite exposed at the place where we parked our car. I went down the car, and thought of doing it by the bush, or some­where behind the build­ing where secu­ri­ty should be lesser.

Still hold­ing my hard on, with the con­doms and lubri­cant in my hand, I pulled Jay’s hand, lead­ing the way, hop­ing to give him a good won­der­ful fuck.

When we approached the back of the build­ing, slow­ly I peek through the cor­ner of the wall, and noticed that it was emp­ty. I gave Jay a kiss on the cheek, and sig­naled him that this would be the spot for us to try it out. Still reluc­tant, he nodded.

I kneeled down, un-zip­ping him as fast as I could, pulling his pants togeth­er with his under­wear down reveal­ing his hard cock. Not want­i­ng to miss any­thing, I gulp down the whole 5 inch of his cock into my mouth, leav­ing no more than 1 mm of that boy meat off.

Jay got all excit­ed too, he grabbed me by my head, and start­ing his hip thrust­ing motion, fuck­ing my mouth. I can hear him moan­ing soft­ly, per­haps not want­i­ng to dis­turb any sleep­ing crea­tures that might be in the vicinity.

Some­thing dis­turbed the bush near us, we froze. I can feel that Jay’s cock slow­ly shrink­ing to a flac­cid mode.

(To be continued)

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