Of being in three

Once upon a time in the mag­i­cal land where I stay, a young boy fell in love.

It was love at first sight, for me and the boy. We were offi­cial­ly dat­ing since day one when we met, and I could eas­i­ly say that we seems like have know each oth­er since our past life. The boy was per­fect, artic­u­late, charm­ing, and the sex was amaz­ing.

Late one night, I popped my fan­tasies to the boy. I had always want­ed to have a three­some sex.

Per­haps it is a cou­ple’s way to spice up the love life.

![Threesome](http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3202/2963949128_a121ebf7a6.jpg “Three­some”)

I thought it would be hot to see some­one else suck­ing off the boy. I could not bear to see the boy being fucked by anoth­er per­son.

The boy kind of accept­ed the idea of a three­some, we did not real­ly went try get it sort­ed, but rather, shove it up the shelf for that time being.

One day, I involved myself ‘guest star­ring’ in a three­some.

It was then that I real­ized that three­some might not be my thing. You see, which I like the guy that I was fuck­ing, when he got fucked by anoth­er per­son, it felt weird. I was look­ing at him straight being humped by anoth­er per­son, strong and hard, right up in the ass, dog­gy style.

I tried to make it erot­ic, and start to jerk myself. I can’t.

Some­what, that feel­ing irks me out.

Every­where we go, we see things in three. Tall, grande, ven­ti. Low fat, non fat, and full cream. Can we real­ly live with three­some in our rela­tion­ship?

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  1. Well, I some­how know how you’d feel to see some­one else hav­ing sex with your boyfriend.

    It does­n’t feel good, that’s also one of the rea­sons why I would­n’t pre­fer three­some any­more now.

    I think hav­ing it once as an expe­ri­ence is good enough XD

  2. well, not all things in three get well togeth­er. digi/maxis/celcom for exam­ple. LOL. nah i don’t think i’m okay with 3some. not to say that i’m monog­a­mous. just x like the idea of watch­ing my bf doing it with some­one oth­er than me, in front of my own eyes ^^~

    • @nicholas rashidee,

      digi/maxis/celcom is get­ting well togeth­er, oth­er­wise they would not have intro­duced mobile num­ber porta­bil­i­ty, no?

      • u for­got about umo­bile.

        any­way, u also for­got about MCMC rules, which intro­duce the MNP few years back but not being imple­ment­ed as the num­bers are still avail­able in mass quan­ti­ty, and also cor­rup­tion of the politi­cians.

  3. Haha wow… I can’t believe I just read this! I would have thought it would be quite per­son­al… but yes! I think I only pre­fer one on one! More than that it would be a crowd for me… But every­one has their own pref­er­ence i sup­pose! 😛

  4. hi cedric, i read your blog for years man… as a silent read­er LOL i was­n’t able to access to your blog few months ago…

    your posts are very erot­ic hehe­he enjoy read­ing your post all the while ^_^