Now & Then

Talk about time pass­ing by.

The last time I actu­al­ly write about some­thing was back in 2014.

The oth­er day, when Ash­ton decid­ed not to talk to me yet again. I thought I should write something.

Yeah, I some­what got togeth­er with Ash­ton. After Ash­ton sent me his last mes­sage two weeks ago, I tried to recall how did we get togeth­er. I remem­bered I was dat­ing L, then some­one in between, then Nel­son, then had that fling with Milo, then Julian then Ash­ton. I was search­ing fran­ti­cal­ly for pic­tures dur­ing that peri­od of time, in 2008 and sub­se­quent­ly in 2013 to find any pic­to­r­i­al proofs of my boys.

Have I been out of the mar­ket for that long that I no longer know how to ini­ti­ate a prop­er courtship? All of these boys were met from some loca­tion-based gay app. What if I no longer have the inter­est to use such app, would I still have the chance to meet these boys?

As I was watch­ing He’s Just Not That Into You, Mary said

Peo­ple don’t meet each oth­er organ­i­cal­ly any­more. If I would like to make myself seem more attrac­tive to the oppo­site sex, I don’t go and get a new hair­cut, I update my pro­file. That’s just the way it is, you know?

How true is that? We are now already in the gen­er­a­tion of screens, and back in 2009 I was still using a Nokia!

Peo­ple now like to write in short bursts, Face­book and Twit­ter came on time. Peo­ple like to express them­selves in pic­tures now, Insta­gram came on time.

I grew wor­ried now think­ing what would hap­pen 30 years from now. What would hap­pen to my mem­o­ries? Would I still be able to remem­ber? Some form of dig­i­tal note, diary of some sort? If I could not remem­ber these mem­o­ries, would it then be not worth remem­ber­ing it?

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  1. sam February 13, 2018 at 11:08 am #

    hi cedric, I com­ment­ed on your porn hub bj video. That is a sexy guy giv­ing you a bj. I wish he did not stop suck­ing you. Can you make anoth­er video with him? You have my email. Please seend me a note so I can reply in pri­vate- sam

    • Cedric February 25, 2018 at 1:57 pm #

      Hi Sam! Glad you liked the video! I’ll get in touch with you pri­vate­ly, ya?

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