My Weekend, Perak trip

The trip to some remote place in Per­ak proved to be fruitful.

The arrival to Tronoh where Uni­ver­si­ty Tech­nol­o­gy Petronas proved to me that my sense of direc­tions has yet to fail me. I have arrived at the des­ti­na­tion ear­li­er than scheduled.

One of the few pur­pose of the vis­it was to meet up with a friend that I have been chat­ting for a few times online, Frankie. Frankie is a under­grad­u­ate from UTP, where he showed me the life of stay­ing in the Uni’s cam­pus. The clos­est to what I can expect if Lester were to be accept­ed to UiTM.

Stay­ing in the hos­tel were not as bad as I would have expected.

Part of the unplanned trip was because I need­ed to stay away from the busy city life, to admire what peo­ple do in the so called remote place some­where in Per­ak; I need­ed some time out from the rela­tion­ship, that has been going up and down.

The dri­ve itself was fun, although the car was com­plain­ing of being abused for sev­er­al times, I have arrived at the cam­pus of UTP safe­ly. We con­tin­ue our jour­ney to Ipoh where it will take about 40 min­utes, claimed Frankie.

The jour­ney to Ipoh from Tronoh took a twist when we chat­ted. Top­ics rang­ing from the blog­sphere, to his cam­pus life in the remote seclude place in Perak.

Frankie isn’t too famil­iar with the roads in Ipoh, hence he got to get instruc­tions from his faghag. Instead of head­ing direct­ly to the water­ing hole for our tum­my fillers, we went to Jus­co where we loi­tered for a while.

Peo­ple watch­ing had not been this fun with a fel­low per­son that is inter­est­ed in the same genre as I am. We could point at some­one, and then both laugh togeth­er in agree­ment that they look good. Then, the whole sce­nario changed when we see some eye can­dies grab­bing their own crotch, or dig­ging their nose right in front of the pub­lic view. Wel­come to Ipoh, I claimed.

Mov­ing on the the eatery, we order O‑chien, cur­ry lak­sa and popi­ah with white cof­fee to com­pli­ment the food.

After the food, we chat­ted for a while before mov­ing to Ipoh Parade for some leisure. I must protest that who­ev­er that said human traf­fic in Ipoh is pleas­ing to the eyes ought to be tor­tured and kill; human traf­fic is so scarce that night, any eye can­dies would have been spot­ted imme­di­ate­ly, instead it has got almost to none.

It was almost late before we call it the night. We had to rush back to cam­pus for the fear the cam­pus secu­ri­ty might not allow us in. Frankie was nice to place me with lodg­ing sleep­ing on his room mate’s bed.

The night end­ed quite late, at about 2 some­thing. We were chat­ting and shar­ing our life sto­ries, some­thing that I had not got any chance to do, until that night. Per­haps because Frankie has got that chat­ty type of char­ac­ter, and we basi­cal­ly could talk about any­thing, and it would inter­est both of us. I too real­ized that I have been out in the gay cir­cle for such a long time, that I could eas­i­ly missed it.

The next morn­ing start­ed pret­ty late due to the 2 lazy pigs. If it was­n’t for the sun’s shin­ing and the room slow­ly build­ing up the heat, I could have eas­i­ly slept till noon. We both took our show­ers, and head out to Ipoh again for brunch.

We could have eas­i­ly went to Tan­jung Tualang for seafood, unfor­tu­nate­ly due to our small ‘peo­ple’ num­ber, it was­n’t enough for the ulti­mate expe­ri­ence. Instead we went to town to grab some authen­tic hawk­er food breakfast.

First on the menu was the beef noo­dles. Sec­ond­ed by the Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun. There is Hak­ka Mee and Pop­pi­ah and oth­er stuffs, but too much car­bo­hy­drates just makes us feel­ing full eas­i­ly. When the Satay came over to drop us a plate of skew­ered meat, we were look­ing at him, and exchanged glances. We hence named him Satay boy, which lat­er, I called him Skew­er boy.

Chick­en boy is the oth­er name that I called the oth­er boy. Age prob­a­bly around 15 or 16 from the looks. Nice­ly clothed with a rather pro­trud­ing ear­ring by the left ear. Few glances exchanged, me and Frankie were gig­gling look­ing at both of them, the peo­ple watch­ing episode of our won­der­ful morning.

We sat there for almost 1 1/2 hours, me sip­ping the famous Ipoh White Cof­fee. Frankie would be exchang­ing glance and smiles with Skew­er boy, and me on the oth­er hand, with Chick­en boy.

Then, the unfor­tu­nate hap­pened, “Ngo thai tou,” said Skew­er boy. ngo tai tou denotes “I saw” in Cantonese.

That was the killer, the killer to tell us that we need to leave the place.

Mov­ing on to Ipoh Parade again, I thought I saw some­thing that I could buy for Lester, some­thing that Lester had want­ed for a while, and I could not find it in KL. I bought that.

After shop­ping and more peo­ple watch­ing, I final­ly had to bid good bye to Frankie. I sent Frankie back to UTP, and that is when my tum­my start­ed act­ing up.

I gave Lester a call, to find out how was he. He had ignored my call the whole night yes­ter­day when I tried to call him. We talked for a bit but it was full of sor­row­ful­ness and I almost broke into tears numer­ous time. But, I hold back. To act tough? Maybe, maybe not.

I then decid­ed to go up to Cameron High­lands to get some Straw­ber­ries hope­ful­ly able to sat­is­fy Lester’s appetite. On the way, there was this fam­i­ly who met an acci­dent and it just hap­pened. I radioed for help, and sent the fam­i­ly down to Tapah police sta­tion. Con­tin­u­ing the way to Cameron High­lands, it start­ed rain­ing, and the car final­ly give up and slid­ed a few times.

My stay at Brin­chang was only for sev­er­al min­utes. To pick up 8 box­es of straw­ber­ries, and 10 sticks of the juicy sweet corns.

On the way down, I for­got that the car was already com­plain­ing pre­vi­ous­ly and I pushed it too much. For that split sec­ond, I have almost end­ed up in the ravine. Close calls, huh?

Arrival back home at about 10, main­ly because I stopped by the Police Sta­tion for some busi­ness, more on that later.

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4 Responses to My Weekend, Perak trip

  1. Razlan June 3, 2008 at 8:30 pm #

    Your entry depicts a won­der­ful imagery of my home­town. You did­n’t take any photos?

  2. Alex June 6, 2008 at 5:45 pm #

    Wow.… what an adventure!

  3. Cedric Ang June 9, 2008 at 12:41 am #

    Razlan, unfor­tu­nate­ly no. I was too busy look­ing at some oth­er things wink

  4. Cedric Ang June 9, 2008 at 12:42 am #

    Alex, adven­ture indeed. More ahead.

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