My weekend

I love week­ends and I must say that my week­ends are nor­mal­ly filled with some time to rest from col­lege, and of course some time to spend with my family.

Dur­ing the week­end, I went to Man­hat­tan Fish Mar­ket to cel­e­brate some­one’s birth­day. I think for the price, it was a good place to be, but if it was some­one more clos­er, I would bring him to a much more nicer place than an over­at­ed place.

Besides that, I also found out from my stats that my com­ments are not enabled prop­er­ly. I have fixed that.

On Sun­day, I woke up a lit­tle ear­ly think­ing of going down to the beach for a nice breeze of morn­ing air. Chat up with this guy who was also there enjoy­ing the morn­ing breeze.

In the evening, went over to Sev­en At Nine for this real­ly nice meal with my boy friend. It was our 2nd month anniver­sary. Time real­ly do past when you are not real­is­ing it.

Till then, back to my assignments.

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