My La Queen Experience


I don’t under­stand why. I don’t under­stand why do gay peo­ple in KL loves to go to La Queen.

Well, I first start­ed spic­ing up my nightlife by fre­quent­ly vis­it­ing to ‘Heav­en’. Back then, ‘Heav­en’ was the bomb of all clubs around town. Sit­u­at­ed at the vicin­i­ty of Sun­way Resort, it was a near­by club for me.

When I read about gay clubs on the net, such as the now defunct Liq­uid Bar & The Dis­co, Blue­boy, Frangi­pani and such, La Queen was­n’t in existent.

Slow­ly, the amount of gay clubs in KL start­ed to boom like mush­rooms. Bliss came up, Nou­vo and such.

Dur­ing the times, my club­bing days were strict­ly to straight clubs. First it was just places with­in my reach. Then, it moved on to clubs in KL.

After a while, the whole straight club club­bing scene got bor­ing. I need­ed a lit­tle adven­ture. This one day, I went to Liq­uid Bar, it was a Thurs­day, and we were enjoy­ing our­selves in the bar drink­ing Kam­pai. The wait­ress was very friend­ly, in fact, they left a very good impres­sion, that I went back again the fol­low­ing day.

The next day, when we went back, the man­ag­er rec­og­nized us. The bar­tender greet­ed us as if we were long time cus­tomers of theirs. It was then my usu­al hang out spot for a night’s drink, and a few nice head bang­ing songs dur­ing the weekend.

Alter­na­tive­ly, I were also fre­quent­ly at Thai Club, where we would drink and par­ty and drink and more par­ty into the wee hours in the morn­ing. It was life, it was hap­pen­ing, it was … boring.

Back in Liq­uid Bar, I had actu­al­ly had a few encoun­ters. The one that I was fond over the years was when I met with a boy who we were so into each oth­er, the boy can’t wait till we got home, and gave me a head right at the place where they put bar­rels of Cals­berg beer can­is­ters. It was fun, and exit­ing. It was my sec­ond per­son that I had sex back out in the open.

I had that fair share of expe­ri­ence in Thai Club. The guy was drunk, I was drunk, I am pret­ty sure he was­n’t gay, but I guess he do not mind a mouth suck­ing on his 6 inch­er hard cock when we were at a more pri­vate area. We did not make it back home of course, he had fol­lowed his girl friends back.

When both Thai Club and Liq­uid were out of reach because we did not feel like going back, we went to check out Ruums. The place was okay, real­ly nice sol­id bass with nice sol­id spins from the res­i­dent DJ, but unfor­tu­nate­ly they need to do some­thing with the acoustics.

I thought of giv­ing La Queen a try when I was invit­ed by Ham­ster to join him. Entrance was RM28, pret­ty decent, I thought. I paid and went in.

Imme­di­ate­ly, I was attacked by this stench of foul smell. Not that bad still, but you know, those wet ‘mold­ish’ smell that you get when you put your laun­dry out in the rain. That kind.

Well, I thought I could pass that. When I went over to the bar, and request­ed for my com­ple­men­tary drink from the bar, and I got my drink. With­out look­ing, I took a first sip.

I almost spit it out. Not because the drink was as bad as the foul smell, but they were serv­ing Coke! Why the hell would I want to pay RM28 and then being served with Coke?

I drag my boy friend out from the place, and swear nev­er to go back again.

We went over to Thai Club instead.

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2 Responses to My La Queen Experience

  1. clement July 16, 2008 at 4:19 pm #

    Thanks for the info cedric. I tot of going there as well. Thanks for shar­ing. Might as well go to place that worth our money.

    I guess i am kin­da like you. Bor­ing in life and want­ed to ven­ture into new things…

    Take care and have a nice day…

  2. Cedric Ang July 17, 2008 at 1:17 am #

    clement: Try S.I.N if you are around the area. Oth­er­wise, Mar­ket­place is a good choice too.

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