Moving moving moving

You know, I have been want­i­ng to move away from Blog­ger from the first I start­ed to get the hang of using my own domain name. I was nev­er too fond of using Word­Press and I was intro­duced to Mov­able Type by a very nice guy that I know.

For now, I am host­ed on a free host­ing serv­er, 250 MB of space and etc etc which I think is bet­ter than Blog­ger, so I took the oppor­tu­ni­ty to sign up and install Mov­able Type.

I kin­da like this ver­sion as it has got a lit­tle bit of Word­Press feel. I think it is much more sta­ble and chang­ing tem­plates or skins do not exact­ly break things.

Any­ways, if you were won­der­ing where did I get the free host­ing, you can check out my friend’s web­site and get the details from there.

See you guys.

P/S: The link is here.

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