Morning at Kanata’s room

This is a con­tin­u­a­tion of my pre­vi­ous post, Night in a Japan­ese Gay Bar

It was morn­ing in Japan when you can hear birds chirp­ing. The morn­ing sun peeked from the cur­tain, and shine in to Kanata’s room.

Before I con­tin­ue, let me warn you that this post is going to be ‘expressed’; I will not be check­ing on my spellings, and I would not be both­ered if I am gram­mat­i­cal­ly right. At such ungod­ly hours, this is the best that I can do (and prob­a­bly laugh­ing at myself later)

I could feel Kanata’s breath land­ing on my face in the ear­ly spring morn­ing. I looked at Kanata’s closed eyes, I put out an arm, and tried to hold him clos­er to me.

In Bed
Pic­ture stolen from Nase

Kana­ta star­tled a lit­tle, but he snugged in towards me. I hugged him tighter.

I could felt a warm hand touch­ing me. I must have dozed off. Kana­ta is now half awake, kiss­ing me on the lips, and hug­ging me. I put my hand on his head, stroking his soft hair, also as a ges­ture to let him know that I am awake, and approved the plea­sures that he is giv­ing me.

I pushed his head gen­tly towards my nip­ple. His soft lips touched my nip­ples, and his tongue gen­tly worked on it. I let out a soft moan when he bite my nip­ple between his lips and his teeth.

It was when I felt my cock being sucked, that I real­ized that I had dozed off again. His suck was pow­er­ful, and yet gen­tle. I could feel his soft wet lips brush­ing against the skin, all over my shaft, and back up again.

He reached out for the bot­tle of lubri­cant that was con­ve­nient­ly beside where we were. He smeared a lit­tle on his fin­ger, and aimed his fin­ger to my anal open­ing. Almost with­out warn­ing, he shoved his fin­ger into me, and I let out a cry. It was painful, yet nice.

Kana­ta was wor­ried that he might have hurt me. I did not say any­thing. A cou­ple of min­utes lat­er, I guid­ed his hand in, and he start­ed to suck me and fin­ger­ing me at the same time.

I got even hornier, and that fin­ger isn’t enough for me. I asked Kana­ta to fuck me.

Oblig­at­ing, he lubri­cat­ed him­self, put up my legs and aimed to the love tun­nel. He slide in quite hard, and my body tensed up from the sud­den intru­sion. Kana­ta got ner­vous and want­ed to pull out, I stopped him just in time.

It was after a while more that I relax. I pulled Kana­ta near­er to me, plant­i­ng more of his 6 inch­er cock inside me. I pulled Kana­ta clos­er towards me, kiss­ing his lips. His thrust became more rapid, and more vio­lent each time. It was about 40 min­utes we were in that posi­tion, and I want­ed him to change to anoth­er. I broke the kiss and at the same time I felt his body tensed up. In no time, I felt my love tun­nel being filled with his cock juice. It was too late.

I con­tin­ue kiss­ing him, stroking his back. While his cock is still inside me, throb­bing and hard, I asked if he would want anoth­er round. He nodded.

Lay­ing him on his back, I worked on his nip­ple, gen­tly to his cock.

Kana­ta has got this nice body shape. Not too skin­ny, but sports a vis­i­ble 6 packs. Isn’t too buff, but you can see signs and labours of work­ing out. I stopped and licked his abs.

I got him to kneel in front of me, with his throb­bing mem­ber, I kneel in front of him, back fac­ing him.

This time, I guid­ed his cock in me.

He start­ed with a slow but firm thrust. It felt like we are lovers mak­ing love instead of hav­ing sex. The slow rhythm of love mak­ing, want­ed to feel every inch of your part­ner, which is exact­ly what is going on in my mind.

His thrust was pow­er­ful and deep. Every suc­cess­ful thrust of his sends jolts of excite­ment up my spine. I felt my cock wet, and invol­un­tar­i­ly, I came.

I came 7 or 8 times that ses­sion. It was the first time that I had had such great orgasm. I was embar­rased by the mess I left behind, and Kana­ta prob­a­bly saw that in my eyes. In return, he bend down, and licked my cum from the tata­mi, while look­ing sheep­ish­ly towards me into my eyes.

We both kissed, and clean our­self up.

They say, it is always the good bye that is hard. When Kana­ta sent me back to my hotel, I felt that bur­den to say good bye to him. I did gave him my num­ber, and con­tact so that he could add me up if he gets online. He nodded.

Our lan­guage is our only bar­ri­er. I found out that it was Kanata’s first time that morn­ing when he fucked me. It was great, even for a first timer. I guess, Japan­ese porn do have its ben­e­fits, sometimes.

A busy body friend of mine asked, when I relate the sto­ry to him, whether did Kana­ta fucked me with piak piak piak sound. I guess, it’s up to you to imagine.

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7 Responses to Morning at Kanata’s room

  1. thehappygolucky1 May 8, 2009 at 12:48 pm #

    wowww for the first timer, he can make u cum so many times, he must be the god of sex-to-be.… 😛

    • Cedric Ang May 8, 2009 at 3:04 pm #


      Yes, and I am lucky that I was his first.

  2. Ban May 11, 2009 at 2:51 am #

    …you felt it lit­er­ar­i­ly? Please tell me you used condoms. >.<

  3. cyrus May 11, 2009 at 1:30 pm #

    should be fan­tas­tic rite.….so jealous…~~

    • Cedric Ang May 11, 2009 at 6:20 pm #


      HAHAHAHA .. it was fan­tas­tic. I nev­er expect a vir­gin boy to be fuck­ing like hamsters 😛

  4. Twilight May 12, 2009 at 12:09 am #

    Oh my, you so brave dude!

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