Missing my old Boy friends

I do not know about you, but I tend to miss my ex boy friends when­ev­er I am alone. Think­ing back the days that we have been togeth­er, the joy and some­times the bitter.

There is this boy friend that I am very fond of, although I must admit that most of the time it is based on sex, and we do have sex quite often. We have not real­ly been out watch­ing movies or shop­ping like most boys would do, he is just as clos­et and he could be, and because of that, I broke up with him.

Today, while at school, I send him a short mes­sage. He is still in cud­dling in his bed when he reads my mes­sage. I told him how much I missed him and asked if he is free to come over to my place tonite.

He said he will do some­thing about it. Lets hope tonight is anoth­er full load of cum in his ass, yar?

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