Missing in action

It seems like peo­ple noticed that when I have stopped blog­ging for a while there.

Well, I did not do it with any inten­tion; I was mere­ly busy with stuffs back home.

Chi­nese New Year cel­e­bra­tion has been great. It is a time where meet­ing cousins is nev­er a task, but a sheer plea­sure. I mean, who would be bur­dened to be see­ing their cute adorable cousin to grown up to be a hand­some and most impor­tant­ly legal, young man?

If it was­n’t for the com­ments left by my read­ers, I could have drift­ed into a solemn state of mind think­ing, and per­haps fan­ta­siz­ing that nice body of my cousin. Young as he is, he is nice­ly tanned with nice broad shoul­ders. Upon that cov­ered cloth, is a nice­ly pro­por­tioned 6 pack of mus­cu­lar with a slight hint of baby fat still under­neath it.

His face is still pro­tect­ed, no freck­les, no zits. Still as smooth as a baby’s buttock.

See­ing him grown for the past years has been a plea­sure. I always had imag­ined him to grown up a hand­some young lad, but I should have let my imag­i­na­tion run wilder as the result of the ‘imag­i­na­tion’ were way beyond imagination.

Aunt loves pam­per­ing us with her love. She show­er us when­ev­er she has got the chance to. Scrub­bing our back where our lit­tle hands could not reach.

Things are the same with cousin, only a cou­ple years back, cousin refused to let her bath him as he slow­ly grow into puber­ty. I guess we all know what it meant.

I guess I get drift­ed away too eas­i­ly. This post was about me being miss­ing from the blog, not about my cousin. Per­haps in anoth­er post.

So, Chi­nese New Year is great. We get to get togeth­er, burn­ing fire crack­ers and scare the shit out of the neigh­bor’s dogs and stuffs like that. Food was abun­dant but sad­ly and sur­pris­ing­ly, I did not gain any weight this year. A good thing, of course see­ing that I am slow­ly los­ing out on my six pack due to exces­sive body fat.

Then again, that was just Chi­nese New Year? What about the oth­er days that I was not post­ing anything?

Maybe I was just lazy. Tee Hee!

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  1. Eugene February 12, 2008 at 12:16 pm #

    Hap­py Chi­nese New Year

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