Ming Ming came over my house

Ming­Ming want­ed to come over and meet me. My par­ents went over­sea and I thought of hav­ing in to my house for the night.

Gave him a call around evening time, he was hav­ing a nap. He came over about 2 hours lat­er. He looks cute. Adorable and friend­ly. He is after­all, only fourteen.

I fucked him at first, try­ing to see how tight he is. He said he is afraid that I can­not go in because he is small. I went in quite eas­i­ly, but he is quite tight.

He want­ed to take a show­er first but after I entered him, he con­tin­ue want­i­ng me.

He mas­tur­bat­ed me for a while until I cum, he ate most of it. Then we went out for a drink. After that, we fucked again and this time I came inside him, we took our show­er togeth­er and went to bed.

He was quite nice to hug to sleep. In the morn­ing, he sucked me until I shoot, and sent him back. Thought of want­i­ng to bring him for break­fast but it was quite late already. Sharks.

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