Marketplace, Kuala Lumpur

The out­ing to Mar­ket­place was def­i­nite­ly the first time expe­ri­ence for me. Tuck away from the usu­al ‘hot spots’ of bars and drunk­ards. Nice­ly com­posed with the Petronas Twin Tow­ers at the back­ground, Mar­ket­Place KL is sit­u­at­ed at Lorong Yap Kuan Seng. Tuck with­in the city, it is a makeshift 2 sto­ry bun­ga­low. The sub­tle light­ing from the near­by tow­ers give it a glow, one would then won­der, how much does Petronas pay for their elec­tric­i­ty bill.

The night start­ed when we decid­ed to head over to SIN, I was hav­ing the assump­tion that it was a ‘Madon­na’ event since I was exclu­sive­ly invit­ed by the man­ag­er them­selves. Sad­ly, sil­ly me made a mis­take, it was a Under­wear Mod­el theme on Sat­ur­day, and ‘Madon­na’ was the day before. Under­wear theme would be fun, drool­ing over almost naked mod­els does send the mind into the fan­ta­sy land.

Of course, we were kicked out from SIN because Jay was under­age to enter a club. Poor Jay.

We want­ed to check out Thai Club which is oppo­site. I am always fond of that place, the mem­o­ries, the eye can­dies, and of course, the Thai boy that is work­ing there. The crowd? So so as Frankie puts it, I would agree too see­ing how not crowd­ed the place was. Eye can­dies? Can’t spot any.

While we were hang­ing out at the entrance of Thai Club, an eye can­dy walk pass me, just mere­ly a feet away, I could almost smell the cologne that he was wear­ing. Sport­ing a short and neat­ly cut hair, he has got this facial com­plex­ion that one could only dream of. Not too tall, and just the right height for my lik­ing; Just as the eye can­dy walked passed, I saw that view that I was very famil­iar with, it was Ham­ster. Ham­ster did not seem to have noticed me, nev­er mind, I called him on his cell, and he was on the way to some water hole to get his tum­my med­icat­ed. I asked, is there a guy that is wear­ing a brown stripe shirt with him, he said yes.

Delight­ed, me, Frankie and Jay head­ed towards Ham­ster. Nev­er mind being kicked out from SIN, at least we have an eye can­dy to stare at for the next cou­ple of min­utes. Appar­ent­ly, Mr Eye Can­dy is a friend of Lester, in fact, they are good friends. The ‘Off Lim­its’ alarm came on vio­lent­ly to my mind.

The oth­er group that was with Ham­ster want­ed to stay there, at La Queen. It is a dread­ful place to be in, but that is anoth­er sto­ry for anoth­er time. We head over to Mar­ket­place, where the crowd was not too good. We were won­der­ing if our com­bi­na­tion of appear­ance actu­al­ly make all the club­bers go away, I mean, first it was the [emp­ty S.I.N]( Sat­ur­day out­ing”), then now this? Some­thing must have been gone real­ly wrong here.

We ordered a cou­ple of drinks, try­ing to get high from drink­ing while star­ing at the emp­ty dance floor. Jay has got a few eyes laid on him, some real­ly nice gen­tle­men at the end of the bar bought me a few drinks.

It was almost mid­night that the crowd start­ed to gath­er around the dance floor. As the peo­ple have told me before­hand, Mar­ket­Place is for mus­cle guys. It was true, every­one you see there, either come with extreme­ly tight tops, or bulging biceps. It was tempt­ing to just jump over and touch those nice­ly define chest and biceps, pure­ly an indul­gence by itself.

As the music gets bet­ter, the crowd gets even bet­ter. With the small dance floor, it was over­ly over crowd­ed. While I did retreat to the bar for a cou­ple of times to ease myself from the sweats and the body heat, a few more drinks come to me by some unknown. I got a few notes with phone num­bers, Adri­an, Jason and Lin­coln. Nice names, I thought.

Drunk and tired, we went over to the mamak next door. You then thought noth­ing else hap­pen, in fact some­thing real­ly kinky and hot hap­pened that night. But of course, that would be anoth­er sto­ry to tell.

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2 Responses to Marketplace, Kuala Lumpur

  1. Queer Ranter July 1, 2008 at 6:40 pm #

    Next round! Club­bing is like my car­dio now. 😛

  2. Cedric Ang July 2, 2008 at 4:42 pm #

    Yes, we must try this again.

    Next round, I gonna bring anoth­er boy.

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