Back in 1995, I met this boy called Mark.

It was then Chi­nese New Year’s school hol­i­day and I was com­ing back from home­town. My par­ents stopped by Sub­ang Parade’s Ken­ny Roger for din­ner. I then saw Mark in black shirt and nice bag­gy pants with black cap.

Back to school, I again saw this boy. He was at the same school as me. He being in Form 1, just new­ly reg­is­tered, I was pret­ty happy.

He joined the same club as me. Me being the pres­i­dent of the club, I have access to the club’s room.

I teach him a lot of things dur­ing the process. One of the Sat­ur­days, which was sup­posed to be a hol­i­day, I called him over to the club house, telling him that there will be a meet­ing. When he was here, he felt odd because the oth­er mem­bers were not there.

I took him to the room, and chat­ted with him a lit­tle. I hugged his soft but firm body. He did not resist. I put my hand down to his pants, indi­cat­ing that I want to take his pants off. He did not resist that either.

Some­how, I could not work his pants buck­le, my hand already found its way to his pri­vate part thru his zip. He unbuck­le him­self and that acts as a per­mis­sion for me to go ahead.

I fon­dle him a while, hug­ging him from the back. His soft hair, soft body is so nice to hug.

I asked him to lie down on the table, kiss­ing him on the cheek, down to the neck. I sucked his small dick for a while. I want­ed to fuck him, but per­haps I felt weird at that moment.

We washed up after that at the toi­let next to the club room. I sent him back.

Few years from then, I tried to con­tact Mark. I saw him online once, and I relat­ed this inci­dent to him. He don’t remem­ber a sin­gle bit of it. I thought he must have hat­ed it so much that he choosed to for­get about it. He told me about an acci­dent that hap­pened to him where he lost his mem­o­ry. Sounds like a fairy tale to me but who am I to judge? Maybe I should just let it be that way.

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