Malaysian’s sex education system

When I was in Form 3, I enjoyed read­ing the chap­ter of my sci­ence book where they talk about the human pro­duc­tion sys­tem. Back then, that was the first for­mal ‘sex edu­ca­tion’ that I have got.

No, I can’t call it the sex edu­ca­tion because there is just that much about sex. There were no guid­ance of how to use a con­dom, whether boy and boy sex is cor­rect, or whether anal sex is illegal.

To make the mat­ter even worst, a few friends that I know told me that their teacher just skip the whole chap­ter com­plete­ly, and ask them to ‘go home and read’.

I would protest that the gov­ern­ment dic­tate that in schools sex edu­ca­tion is inject­ed to the sys­tem. I must protest that the gov­ern­ment is just full of lies.

Yet, no one com­plained that there is no prop­er sex ed in the edu­ca­tion sys­tem. I sup­posed it’s because the infor­mal sex edu­ca­tion sys­tem has super­sedes the for­mal one. Don’t you think so? Well think this.

Just around the neigh­bor­hood’s pasar malam, you have peo­ple oper­at­ing the pirat­ed DVD stalls bla­tant­ly dis­play­ing their prod­ucts. Father and kid shop­ping for pirat­ed DVDs and of course, X rat­ed movies are just side by side. The infor­mal sex edu­ca­tion speaks more pub­licly than the for­mal one, why do you think there were so much mis­in­for­ma­tion out there?

Porn are made to sat­is­fy the view­ers. Which explains why the ladies in the film moans and screams extra loud­ly. They are called a performer/actor for that sole rea­son. Actu­al sex do not and should not be painful. Pain is a recep­tor for the body telling us that some­thing is wrong. If you are feel­ing painful, you should stop!

Peo­ple say the curios­i­ty is what kills the cat. One do not need to have any polit­i­cal sta­tus, or any oth­er sta­tus to walk in a pasar malam to find out about X rat­ed movies. One might feel curi­ous how does it feel to be fuck­ing a girl, with­out a prop­er warn­ing of HIV/AIDS, or the con­se­quences of pre-mar­i­tal sex, or sex with­out pro­tec­tion. All they want are just lust and the feel­ing rub­bing on glands of their penis. I am sure my hand can do that, and per­haps a bet­ter job too.

No one should deny that sex edu­ca­tion is impor­tant to curb a lot of sex­u­al crimes in Malaysia. Before you cry foul, I shall add, not to stop, but to lessen the occur­rence of sex­u­al crimes in Malaysia. I believe that is a good way to start, unless all of these gets political.


2 Responses to Malaysian’s sex education system

  1. azhan January 1, 2008 at 2:02 am #

    inter­est­ing thought.

    see what went up with the health min­is­ter now.

    you brought a good idea for bet­ter edu­ca­tion in this country!

  2. Cedric Ang January 2, 2008 at 9:10 pm #

    azhan, if you read my new­er entry, you will see my take on the whole sex scan­dal thing.

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