Malaysia to ban Facebook

Some­times you ought to owe it to the Malaysian gov­ern­ment when some­thing as hilar­i­ous as this hap­pens; to make our Mon­day blues disappear.

I won­der what is it this time. Could it be because of Alviss Kong’s sui­cide note that now the gov­ern­ment is afraid of more copy­cats emerg­ing and express­ing their feel­ings on Face­book before the attempt to cause griev­ous hurt to them­selves or was it because of the recent uncov­ered slan­der that put Malaysia in the world head­line. Should we all be scream­ing cov­er up now?

We all knew more or less about the truth towards the Anwar’s sodomy case. It was a pure set up. I mean, how could one still not take pre­cau­tion for the sec­ond time that he is going to get caught. Could it be because of that long peri­od of time that our ex deputy prime min­is­ter has forgotten?

Not that we are bunch of clones that only could react to a cer­tain com­mand issued by a cer­tain enti­ty to per­form cer­tain task, even with­out Face­book as the medi­um, one would still find ways insult towards Islam and show dis­re­spect. I for one feel that by lim­it­ing and ban­ning such priv­i­leges from us only shows your insult towards how you are han­dling the situation.

I think it is an insult to our intel­le­gence if the gov­ern­ment would allow the cen­sor­ship of such act, loose­ly based on a sin­gle Face­book account that was said to have cer­tain neg­a­tive remarks on cer­tain polit­i­cal members.

Well first, Datuk Seri Dr Shahi­dan Kas­sim got to con­vince Malaysi­a’s Prime Min­istry Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd. Najib to drop his very own Face­book account.

It is when politi­cians no longer able to take on crit­ics, they have the pow­er to turn every­thing in the name of insult and nation­al secu­ri­ty. Good job.

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