Making love with Jenn

I talked about how I have met Jenn. Of recent days, i sud­den­ly thought of him.

Blame Sex in the City for that.

I was on the bed the day before, think­ing back the same moment when I had Jenn with me. I remem­bered we had a very good chat. He being chat­ty, and per­haps me in the mood. The atmos­phere in the car that night was very live­ly, if I were to make com­par­i­son with the oth­er nights with oth­er strangers.

It was a very plea­sur­able ride on that night. I don’t exact­ly remem­ber what was it that we talked about, but I am sure Jenn did not touch on the sen­si­tive issues.

I remem­ber tak­ing off his pants. I did that because he is such a cutie; When I first saw his pic­ture in Facepar­ty, (back then Facepar­ty is the in thing) I was imme­di­ate­ly inter­est­ed in him. Although his age was a lit­tle let down, I put my gut instinct into play, and went over to his place to pick him up.

He sports almost the same size cock that I have. 5.5 inch­es of boy meat with­in my grasp, thick and not too over­ly crowd­ed with pubic hair.

I took the first mouth­ful of his cock into my mouth. He let go a soft moan. Both of us were already rock hard. I guess we were just wait­ing to be pleasured.

He turned me around, and start­ed work­ing on my cock. He instruct­ed me to lie down on the bed, and he went over the oth­er end. It was a 69, per­fect height for both of us, and we were not stress­ing too much to such on each oth­er’s cock which in return being sucked at.

Reluc­tant­ly, I asked him if he wants me to fuck him. He nod­ded and agreed. I say reluc­tant­ly because he was this cute lit­tle thing that you want to make love with him, but on the oth­er hand, you don’t want to because he is too darn adorable. He lie down beside me, turn­ing his back towards me, and I turned over plac­ing my cock direct­ly out­side of his love hole.

I start­ed rub­bing my cock head on him, he liked it. He hold me by my hand, pulling my hand to make me hug him tighter. I reached out for the lubri­cant and smeared some on my eager cock head, and I entered him.

He put some resis­tance at first. I guess it was because he was­n’t pre­pared for the thick­ness that I have. I stopped, and wait. He hold me by my hips, and gen­tly pulling me towards him. I took that as a sig­nal that he is ready for more. Slow­ly, I pushed in.

It was­n’t that long for me to enter him com­plete­ly, main­ly he was a lit­tle loose on his end. I was­n’t com­plain­ing. It was just the right amount of pres­sure and his lose ends were hug­ging my cock just nice. Not too tight that it would cause some discomfort.

Both of us were enjoy­ing the presents of each oth­er. He turned around and give me a kiss, I don’t nor­mal­ly kiss my one night stands, but I did this time. He was too adorable to not be kissed.

He turned me over, plac­ing my cock right before his open­ing and slow­ly low­ered down him­self. It was not too long that he was rid­ing on me. I like it because it was com­fort­able, boy has got his butt meat just nice.

I guess it was almost an hour or so, minus the fore­play. I was almost cum­ming. I turned him over, and me lying down on his back, slow­ly enjoy the final moment.

I shot my cum inside him.

He turned me over, sit­ting on my cock, jerk­ing him­self. I was tired for all that. I was hold­ing his cock, my eyes peek­ing at him. In the dark, he remind­ed me of a very adorable boy that I used to like.

After that ses­sion, Jenn had ignored my calls. My SMS to him only to return back with a “Who is this?” mes­sage. It hap­pened every time, that I now for­bid myself into send­ing him any text messages.

I saw him again back in my old work­ing place. This time, it was the day time, and I can see him more clear­ly. He is so damn fuck­ing adorable, that I can’t help but to kept on star­ing at him. He must have felt that, and shy away from my con­stant staring.

Now, I won­der, how is he doing? I real­ly did not want it to end as a one night stand, per­haps it was what he wish­es, but it did not seem that way. Am I just being too hope­ful that he would think oth­er­wise? How is he doing? Is he as suc­cess­ful as every­one wants him to be? Has he got some­one that love him as much as I would want to love him? Is he still the play­boy that is still look­ing for sex some­where on the Inter­net? The thoughts just both­ers me even more…

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2 Responses to Making love with Jenn

  1. clement July 22, 2008 at 5:09 pm #


    how does it feel to kiss a guy?

  2. Cedric Ang July 23, 2008 at 11:34 am #

    clement, well .. I am about to blog about the first kiss. Maybe you can see from there.

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