LittleBoy & Jeffry



Met LittleBoy(Kenry) and Hurtez (Jef­fry) on friend­ster. Have got their MSN and am chat­ting with them.

I do not know how shall I approach them. I am using Michelle as my approach this time.

When I was talk­ing with Ken­ry, he sound­ed real­ly inter­est­ed in meet­ing up. He is stay­ing in Cheras but when we had the con­ver­sa­tion, he was at Sun­way. He could have told me ear­li­er as we could have come out for some fun.

He told me that he had had blowjobs from this girl that is old­er than him. He seems to be hav­ing a huge asset from his descrip­tion but I would not know the truth until I see him. We decid­ed to meet up near­by his place for a quick one.

I am not too sure about him, I think it is the first time he is meet­ing strangers. He even argued with me that I am dri­ving a stu­pid Pro­ton. How can NOT know what car am I driving?

Any­ways, I was so full of hope that he would fol­low me back, it seems that he freaked out and I guess that was the end of it. He looked damn cute in the pic­ture but when I saw him in Sun­way, he looked so much more different.

Jef­fry on the hand, looks cute too. He just post­ed his new pic­ture on friend­ster and he seems a bit mature. His baby face is gone now.

But I don’t like much about him. He knows MaxtZ, a boy that I will blog about later.

Jef­fry also got a friend who wants to have fun with Michelle, the sto­ry seems to be too per­fect, maybe they did fell for it. That I would nev­er know.

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