Lazy for work

It is the 2nd day that I have left my office with­out any notice.

I need­ed to take the time off for the time being. Need to rest the soul as they say.

Coin­ci­dent­ly, yes­ter­day I was at Pavil­ion’s Star­bucks when I got online. I saw a bunch of friends that I had not met for a very long time.

We had fun catch­ing up, after years of not being in con­tact with them. They are the very first gay cou­ple that I have known.

How many years was that ? 7 years ? At least. I remem­ber vivid­ly that I was so fond­ly in love with him before he met his boy friend. In fact, I was the one that got them togeth­er. I brought them out togeth­er. They worked things out, and has been a cou­ple since then. 7 long freak­ing years.

They know me as a swinger back then. Both of them know it well enough that I have been with both of them before. Michael sport a sporty look, and Jack sports a more mature work­ing class look. They were 16 when I first met them.

Catch­ing up with old friends could be so excit­ing. Michael is still in the midst of fin­ish­ing his stud­ies, while Jack just got into a big cor­po­rate. Both of them are hap­py on how things are going, and both are hap­py that both of them are shar­ing their life with each other.

Then the for­bid­den ques­tion asked. How is my love life? Am I see­ing any­one yet? What are my plans?

I can’t tell them about L, no not after so long we’ve been out of touch. I don’t want them to be judg­men­tal about it. I know that they would sup­port my deci­sions, but I just would like to kept it that way, silent for now.

I remem­ber the time when I met Michael and Jack. Both of them were hav­ing their school hol­i­day. They did not know each oth­er, and are from dif­fer­ent school. Dur­ing the school hol­i­day, I brought them to Sun­way Pyra­mid Ice Skat­ing rink for some fun, both of them just start­ed to know each other.

That night, it was also my first time enjoy­ing sex with both of them at the same time. The images of them being naked in front of my in my show­ers total­ly turned me on. We had a great time fuck­ing, and suck­ing each other.

Things did not end that way, instead, we got togeth­er for a cou­ple more times, before one day when Jack tell me that he has got feel­ings for Michael, but he was­n’t sure from the mixed sig­nals that Michael is giv­ing him. Michael on the oth­er hand, sensed that Jack was try­ing some­thing, but was­n’t sure. I went in to give them a lit­tle hand. Mak­ing them kiss in front of me just put all the sens­es togeth­er for them. I sup­posed it was the kiss that made them togeth­er, or was it the blowjob; I real­ly do not know.

See­ing them being hap­py makes me happy.

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