Last year in secondary school

I am going to relate my expe­ri­ence in sec­ondary school. When I was in my final year, we had a new gym teacher. His name was Har­ry. He is this guai lou, from the US, I think. He was in my school for two years under some exchange pro­gramme. And he was near­ing the end of his con­tract with my school. Har­ry was very ath­let­ic. Every­one knows that he was very inter­est­ed in all kinds of sports.

On one occa­sion, the whole school was gath­ered in the school hall for some con­cert put up by stu­dents. My class had put up a per­for­mance too. After the per­for­mance, when we were leav­ing the school hall, Har­ry came up to me. I asked him how the per­for­mance was. Har­ry told me that my class had per­formed well in the con­cert and asked me when I was going to per­form for him. Although I real­ized that state­ment had some sex­u­al con­no­ta­tion, I just smiled and told him that I could do it any­time. Imme­di­ate­ly Har­ry asked me if I would like to have lunch with him.

I agreed and went with him. We were in the school can­teen hav­ing food and talk­ing about any­thing under the sun. What start­ed off as lunch last­ed till tea-break. By then, the school was emp­ty except for a few care tak­ers. He invit­ed me to his office to show me some of his old pho­tographs that he had tak­en in his home­town. Both of us went up to his room.

Har­ry’s office was rather big. He had his own show­er room (’cause he was a gym teacher and con­stant­ly need­ed to show­er him­self). Once we were in his office, Har­ry closed and locked his door. He told me that he was going to take a show­er and that in the mean time I could go through some mag­a­zines that were for­bid­den here. The mag­a­zines that he was refer­ing to were all gay stuff. There were explic­it pic­tures of guys with enor­mous dicks, guys cum­ming, pen­e­tra­tion etc. You name it, you have it.

While I was leav­ing through the pages of the mag­a­zines, my dick start­ed to take a life of its own. I just could­n’t help it. It prob­a­bly felt like a trapped ani­mal in a cage. It was dying to be freed. But what could I do? At that very moment Har­ry came out of the show­er clad only in a big white tow­el. His tanned body prac­ti­cal­ly glowed against the white tow­el. I could­n’t help it but steal occa­sion­al glances at him. Droplets of water were still drip­ping from his hair. He just looked at me with­out say­ing any­thing. I could lie about how horny I was feel­ing at that point of time; but that was only waist up. Below my waist, I was def­i­nite­ly hard and it showed against my school uni­form. I tired cov­er­ing it with a mag­a­zine but Har­ry had noticed. He came over and with a smile asked me if I want­ed to touch his dick.

Of course I want­ed to. I just gave him a sheep­ish grin and nod­ded my head. He told me to go ahead and just stood there with­out doing any­thing. I would have pre­ferred him to ini­ti­ate it, but he want­ed me to. So I did. While still sit­ting, I part­ed his tow­el and out sprang his 9″ glo­ry; all hard and moist and com­plete­ly ready to be sucked. I undid his tow­el and it fell onto the floor. Har­ry clasped my face with both his hands and made me rise. Stand­ing so close to Har­ry with his dick brush­ing against mine.….it felt soooooo good.

Har­ry start­ed kiss­ing me. He start­ed kiss­ing like I’ve nev­er been kissed before. He part­ed my lips with his tongue and explored the inside of my mouth with his tongue. I closed my eyes. Was I dream­ing? Here I was with my gym teacher hav­ing one hell of a great time! He start­ed unbut­ton­ing my school uni­form. It was more like rip­ping my cothes off. I start­ed assist­ing him with the process.

Now, com­plete­ly naked, I stood in front of him wait­ing to be.…I just did­n’t know!

Har­ry pushed me aginst the wall. He placed his hands over my shoul­ders against the wall. I was trapped. He start­ed get­ting extreme­ly close. So much so that I could hear him breathe, I could feel his breath. Have you ever smelled a man who has just got out of show­er? Well, that’s how Har­ry smelled. A dis­tinc­tive­ly clean smell. And this mixed with the smell of tobac­co (he was a smoker).

The mix­ture of the two smells real­ly made me hard. Our dicks were dis­sip­i­at­ing so much heat and we felt the heat against each oth­er. Har­ry cupped my right ear lope with his soft lips. I sim­ply melt­ed. “I want to fuck you”, he whis­pered in his husky voice. Then he con­tin­ued, “Do you want me to fuck you real hard?”. All I could man­age was a small “yes”. Yet again it came as a moan.

I felt Har­ry’s right hand on my back. His fin­gers were mov­ing down my back.……with his oth­er hand, he brought my head clos­er to his.….…his hand had just traced the con­tours of my back and were about to touch my ass.……our lips met again, our tongues expored again.….…..I felt him squeeeeeeez­ing my butt (or cheeks) and then I felt a sharp pain.

A pain so sharp that I vol­un­tar­i­ly fell for­ward onto Harry.

Har­ry had just made an attempt to fin­ger me. My small shriek (or groan) must have been a turn-on for Har­ry. He just turned me around and made me bend over. He was in con­trol. He spread my cheeks. I felt him.……, hot and moist, at my rear entrance. Har­ry start­ed thrust­ing slowly.….I felt a sharp pain.….he was gen­tle and retreat­ed and then came in again.…..the pain returned.…I felt him inside me again but not total­ly inside.…..I could­n’t take it. I moved away.

I told Har­ry I could­n’t do it because it was painful. He tried coerc­ing me into it again but I was firm. My gym teacher being a gen­tle­man, just pat­ted me on my shoul­der and went into the show­er again with his towel.

I got dressed and left.

I do not know why I left that day. Reflect­ing on that inci­dent, I think the pain I felt was more due to guilt than phys­i­cal. Any­way, I’ve always replayed that moment every­day when I’m in pri­vate. I’ve always cre­at­ed new end­ings to that inci­dent. It has always made me hard.

I nev­er did dis­cuss that inci­dent with any­one after that. As for Har­ry, he is now back in his coun­try still coach­ing high school boys. Iron­i­cal isn’t it? How he makes boys phys­i­cal­ly strong­ly but yet weak in their knees.…..or maybe it was just my expe­ri­ence. We are still in touch though via email.

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