Kelvin and Shinya

Went to the night mar­ket to join Alan and his girl friend. There were a boy hold­ing shih tzu puppy.

I did not notice who is that boy as my view was blocked for a bit. To my dis­gust it was Shinya when I noticed anoth­er boy stand­ing beside him was Kelvin. That kid­do that was hold­ing the pup­py, is Shinya

Now, why do I hate Kelvin that much?

I met Kelvin when he was about 17 or 18 years old. When he come to KL, he will come look for me, per­haps for sex, or just a com­pa­ny. We fucked a few times and he claimed that I was the first per­son to have fucked him.

I don’t like Kelvin at all, call me cru­el but I treat him strict­ly as my sex part­ner, some­one for me to fuck and some­one that sucks me. I don’t remem­ber myself suck­ing him, but I did remem­ber ask­ing him to fuck me but it did not go well, I reject­ed him when he was almost in.

One thing that I don’t like about him is when he is over at my place. I would not mind if he would want to use the wash­room to wash up, but does he need to go to the wash­room naked? What if my par­ents came out from their room and see a naked boy with his dick stick­ing out of his body?

I hint­ed him, it went bet­ter, he used a tow­el the next time he came over, but what’s the use when the tow­er clear­ly shows a dick stick­ing out from it? Per­haps that is what he do when he is back home, def­i­nite­ly not fine to me.

I like to force him to suck me. Often he just give it a lick, and that’s it. I try any­thing to make my dick stuck inside his mouth, often shov­ing it in deep into his mouth. It was fun.

I like it the most when I force myself to fuck him. Not that he did not agree about the fuck, but about the pain of it. I always fuck him as hard and as rough as I want, there is no love with him, just lust and pure lust only.

After I am done, he would jack him­self off. Lame.

Ah Chung told me that he had cou­ple with Kelvin before. I remem­ber Kelvin said some­thing about hav­ing a cute boy from Selayang when I asked him over for one day.

A lot of bad things were being told to be about Ah Chung. I found out that Kelvin offer sex to peo­ple who are will­ing to fetch him around town. That nev­er hap­pened to me, I guess he must have been addict­ed to being fucked by me.

Shinya on the oth­er hand, had bro­ken up Ah Chung and his lala boy friend. Though I do not like him that much, I did try approach­ing him, hope­ful­ly able to fuck him and then let news spread back to his boy friend, Kelvin. That would be fun.

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