Jason and Michelle

Met a fel­low blog­ger online. We did not talk much until few days ago when he start­ed to talk with me. I think I had him in my list for almost 2 weeks already.

Read­ing from his blog, I can see that he is chi­nese edu­cat­ed. But I con­tin­ue the chat with him with the sim­pest eng­lish that I can ever think of.

I do not real­ly know how did the con­ver­sa­tion start­ed, but we did talk about mas­tur­ba­tion and blowjobs. Jason told me about him­self not expe­ri­enced with sex. Com­ing from a chi­nese boys’ school Jason is not very exposed to the oppo­site sex. He also haven real­ly had a rela­tion­ship with girls.

After chat­ting with him, he admit­ed that he had been sucked by a guy that he met from a pop­u­lar online game. He also con­fessed that the per­son also tried to anal him but only for a while because of sheer pain. They were not using any lubrication.

He told me that the rea­son he let the per­son play with him is because he like the feel­ing and that he did not mas­tur­bate for that past few days. They mas­tur­bat­ed togeth­er in the car, and they had meet up for a few times. Usu­al­ly the guy would give Jason a blowjob until he cums.

I think Jason must have had the best blowjob ever. The con­ver­sa­tion goes like this.

Jason : Hey, I’m almost cum­ming. Guy : suck suck Jason : spurt

It’s just orgas­mic think­ing of the sit­u­a­tion. I real­ly do not believe that Jason is not gay, or even a bisex­u­al. How can he endure some­one giv­ing him a blowjob for five times? Maybe he just do not want to admit it?

Jason is a cute chap, he sent me his pic­ture tak­en togeth­er with his class­mate and imme­di­ate­ly I could reconise him. Not that I have seen him before but he is just too cute com­pared to his oth­er friends.

I intro­duced him to Michelle. Michelle is actu­al­ly a char­ac­ter that I have cre­at­ed out of my imag­i­na­tion to talk with oth­er boys. Some­times because of my age, boys sel­dom talk to me and I thought a female char­ac­ter would be easier.

Jason was seduced by Michelle, and Michelle was mak­ing him cum all over. Jason told me that he mas­tur­bat­ed look­ing at Michelle’s pic­ture, which is some pic­tures of Lynn of Chuva.

I think Jason some­how found out that Michelle and me is actu­al­ly the same per­son. Maybe because of our tem­per. I real­ly need to improve on that. Because of the some­what lan­guage bar­ri­er, it’s a bit hard to tell Jason that Michelle is play­ing a sil­ly prank on him and that Michelle real­ly likes Jason.

Jason was real­ly angry yes­ter­day, I think he is stressed because of his upcom­ing SPM exam­i­na­tions. For that I do not blame him. Real­ly wish that I can fix this situation.

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