I have been a naughty boy

I know.

I have not been post­ing late­ly here; and a good rea­son behind it.

After months of search­ing, I final­ly found my lover.

He is the most charm­ing per­son that I have ever met.

We chat­ted a few times on MSN, I got it from a pop­u­lar net­work­ing web­site. I have nev­er thought that I could find love from there, but I did. The time came when we final­ly decid­ed to meet. I want­ed to do some work on the inter­net so I choose Star­bucks. Since he was stay­ing near­by, and I have not been there for quite some time, I set up the meet­ing at Star­bucks in Great East­ern Mall.

I was­n’t dis­ap­point­ed that the pic­ture that he post­ed on the inter­net was so dif­fer­ent than the real per­son. In fact, I liked the real per­son more. I must admit that I was so shy to talk to him, that it could made him had a bad impres­sion out of me.

So yes, that’s it. That is how we met, and the rest are histories.

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