I can feel a hot one

I could feel a hot one tak­ing me down

For a moment, I could feel the force

Faint­ed to the point of tears

And you were hold­ing on to make a point

What’s the point?

I’m but a clean man, sta­ble and alone man

Make it so I won’t have to try

The faces always stay the same

So I face the fact that I’m just fine

I said that I’m just fine

I remem­ber, head down,

After you had found out

Man­na is a hell of a drug

And I need a lit­tle more, I think

Because enough is nev­er quite enough

What’s enough?

I took it like a grown man cry­ing on the pave­ment

Hop­ing you would show your face

But I haven’t heard a thing you’ve said

In at least a cou­ple hun­dred days

What’d you say?

I was in the front seat, shak­ing it out

And I was ask­ing if you felt alright

I nev­er want to hear the truth

I want to hear your voice, it sound­ed fine

My voice, it sound­ed fine

I could feel my heart­beat tak­ing me down

And for the moment, I would sleep alright

Invad­ing with a self­ish fear

To keep me up anoth­er rest­less night

Anoth­er rest­less night

The blood was dry, it was sober

The feel­ing of audi­ble cracks

And I could tell it was over

From the cur­tains that hung from your neck

And I real­ized that then you were per­fect

And my teeth rip­ping out of my head

And it looked like a paint­ing I once knew

Back when my thoughts weren’t entire­ly intact

To pray for what I thought were angels

End­ed up being ambu­lances

And the Lord showed me dreams of my daugh­ter

She was cry­ing inside your stom­ach

And I felt love again

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