H.F.B.A Nominee #2 — Minny

Eh, Min­ny ok? Not Mini or si kecik like what you think! Yes, anoth­er Penang­nite, some­one sug­gest­ed that she should be fea­tured And after dis­cussing with a secret judge o’ mine, we decid­ed to fea­ture her because yes! She is yet anoth­er hot blog­ger with the blog — http://minnylicious.blogspot.com/


Yes yes, she is a vain per­son, sor­ry paiseh, I am this kind of per­son so yeah… YOURE SO VAIN LARRRR!!!! But again, vain nev­er­mind, because she got the look to be vain! Kaka­ka, feel proud, sis­tah! When I first saw her in the Penang Blog­gers’ Meet­ing, I was very attract­ed to her … hair, apart from that, she is a girl with atti­tude and style as well, look at how she blogs, artis­tic back­ground, emo-style of writ­ing but at the same time reflect­ing her inner beauty. 

And of course, her quest does not just stop here! I’ve thrown her the 5 ques­tions and look at the answers she pro­vid­ed!

1) Why do you think Cedric will invite you to be fea­tured as a hot female blog­ger?

because i’m unique (: dif­fer­ent. and i’m VAIN! haha­ha.

2) What is your blog main­ly about?

dai­ly rant­i­ngs. stuffs that every­body goes through. but hon­est­ly, most­ly it’s about shop­ping.

Can see lar, wah­sai those stuffs you buy, like drink­ing water only, suka, take, syok, ambil! GENG

3) What will you do if some­one leaves a nasty com­ment say­ing that you shouldn’t be fea­tured?
say “i know u’re jeal­ous. beh siok is it now?”

4) Do you think this “Hottest Female Blog­ger Award” will ben­e­fit you? If yes, how will it help?
of course! i can’t be Brit­ney Spears or Shaki­ra, so win­ning this will make me famous in a way. waha­ha.
and it’ll pro­mote my blog and my friend’s blogs too (:

5) Do you have any last com­ment on this award?
IF i win, i’ll tell you. OKAY? so must vote for me lor. right?

Wow, y’all heard what she said? And her per­son­al­i­ty has giv­en hint to you that although her name is Min­ny, that doesn’t mean she is mini! Yes! Yet anoth­er dar­ling to be fea­tured! If you like her, then vote for her… Polls will be up after anoth­er 18 babes!

Ok now this is a lit­tle reminder for the read­ers out there, yes, I men­tioned “HOT FEMALE BLOGGERS”, that does not mean I should put up or request for the contestant’s sexy pic­ture, what lar? Respect them ok? Every girl dares to be reveal­ing ka? We’re look­ing for the HOTTEST, not WHOREOUS ok?! And I do not spec­i­fy that HOT must mean the out­look, eh, those girl who has the per­son­al­i­ty and knows how to blog is hot too ok? 

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