H.F.B.A Nominee #1 — Erin Lim

Who is she? Hehe­he, well her name is Erin Lim, an own­er of her blog which is: http://erin56062.blogspot.com/.

Don’t think she’s just a nor­mal girl who loves pink col­or and horny boys can lay ya hands on her. She is in fact … Wahla­mak, when she starts talk­ing, she talks a lit­tle bit like me, with all the niamah thing, call her rude but I will name this as her style, a per­son­al­i­ty which is so real and y’all bet­ter don’t mess with her! p/s: Nabeh she is as vain as I am. Damn! But nev­er mind, she got the look to be vain wor, choi aa?

Each nom­i­nee has to answer 4 sim­ple ques­tions, and each has to fig­ure out a way to answer to impress the read­ers, so I throw in 4 ques­tions and I think Erin han­dled it pret­ty well!

1) Why do you think Cedric will invite you to be fea­tured as a hot female blog­ger?
Cos.. he said that I talk like him,and also can read his mind???? Ngek… I’m pret­ty larh!!!

2) What is your blog main­ly about?
my rant­i­ngs and ups and downs of my life

I am quite impressed with her way to intro­duce the “My List” pro­gram, you can read about it here!

3) What will you do if some­one leaves a nasty com­ment say­ing that you shouldn’t be fea­tured?
I’ll reply them … ‘lei chui ah… jeal­ous hioh’

4) Do you think this “Hottest Female Blog­ger Award” will ben­e­fit you? If yes, then how will it ben­e­fit you?
Yes! ..
Like that,i’ll be famous (or MORE famous) .. then in future if i go for pageant got sup­port­er!
My blog might be fehmes too!!

5) Any last com­ment about this award?
The ban­ner NICE leh… …. 


p>Damn I love it when she answer those ques­tions, short and pre­cise, I told her to answer in long sen­tences but she insist­ed that short is enough already. Yep! Short and straight to the point! So boys and girls, take note that Erin Lim is my first nom­i­nee and this is how a nom­i­nee will be fea­tured! If you think she deserves the prize(Will announce lat­er), then vote for her when the poll is on! Kakakakaka…

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