Having fun in Thailand

I fig­ured, one of the perks of hav­ing with my boy friend is the fact that he runs his own mod­el­ing agency. When we were hav­ing our so called hol­i­day at Phuket, he was actu­al­ly shoot­ing for some show for a client there, with some real­ly hunky Thai models.

At the end of the day, we end­ed up with loads of used cloths, from Burbery, cK, and etc. What can you real­ly do with so much cloths?

Bi had a great idea, and we set out to the streets of Phuket to look for some cutie faces for our lit­tle mod­el­ing ses­sion. The stu­dio? In our hotel room.

It was­n’t that hard for us to look for one, we both agreed that this boy would be suit­able for us.

We tried fit­ting him into some of the cloths, it fit­ted well. Just the time as Bi start­ed shoot­ing, and me beside him admir­ing him, and the boy mod­el that we found.

It fit­ted him well. Our room was way too messy for any good pho­to shoots from the mess that we did the pre­vi­ous night. Bi point­ed the toi­let, and then we both grin­ning with that wacky idea. The Thai boy could not under­stand Eng­lish and prob­a­bly won­der­ing if we were going to rape him. Bi assured him in his flu­ent Taga­log that we just want to take some pic­tures, and at the end he will get paid for it as well.

The boy com­ply, and we took a few pic­tures. The shots turned out to be great, and then we start­ed turn­ing the faucet, wet­ting the boy.

The boy, on the oth­er hand was hav­ing fun of his own. He is pos­ing like he was one of those celebri­ties mod­els. Bi was busy tak­ing pic­tures, he had not noticed me who was lying on the hotel bed gen­tly rub­bing myself already.

Things might had gone out of hand, if Bi did not turn around look­ing back to me to see if I was okay. Every­thing was fine, except now that Bi had to han­dle 2 wet boys, and pos­si­bly 2 horny boys as well.

Did Bi man­age to han­dle both of them? Stay tuned and fine out.

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