Harry is back

I guess some things are start­ing to get bet­ter now.

Har­ry MSN’ed me the oth­er day. I was sur­prised to say the least; I had fig­ured out it is either of the two things. One, Har­ry had bro­ken up with the boy friend, or two Har­ry want­ed to scold me for some­thing, or both of it.

I was right, they broke up.

In fact, Har­ry had broke up a few weeks ago, and had been dat­ing this guy that I know.


I was hap­py for Har­ry actu­al­ly, it has been almost two months since Har­ry had spo­ken with me. Was­n’t sure what had hap­pened between them, but I guess things were not work­ing out. I had nev­er liked a boy friend that con­trols my social life, to say the least.

So Har­ry told me who his ex boy friend was. It was this guy that is always in ‘com­pe­ti­tion’ with me. A per­son that thought he knew who am I by know­ing that I owned cedricang.com and know­ing me by name. Too bad, he was­n’t in the game long enough. I guess he was jeal­ous because I always get my boys before him, no puns intend­ed, and not to be lit­tle Har­ry, or any oth­er boys.

We did catch on on the phone for a while, before Har­ry had to go swim­ming with his new boy friend. I had to let him go at that point of time, he is after­all, not mine to begin with.

So Har­ry, would real­ly love to catch up with you because I have many tales. That short 15 min­utes phone con­ver­sa­tion isn’t enough, to speak frankly. There’s still a lot, and a lot did hap­pen in that short two months.


6 Responses to Harry is back

  1. Jess June 16, 2009 at 10:37 am #

    awwwww. glad he’s back. don’t let anyth ruin a friendship!

  2. happygolucky1 June 16, 2009 at 12:08 pm #

    awww… tats nice! sounds like u guys are going in a good direc­tion, i hope u guys even­tu­al­ly will bcome life­time good frens.

  3. K June 16, 2009 at 11:15 pm #

    it always hap­pens like that, hor?

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