Gay relationships always has to be sex

Inspired by Rob­b’s cou­ple shot post, I thought of writ­ing some­thing sim­i­lar to what my rela­tion­ships ups and downs been going through.

I must admit, it is quite true to say that gay rela­tion­ships do not last as long. Per­haps main­ly the objec­tive of a gay rela­tion­ship is sex, sex and even more sex. I must admit that sex does come eas­i­er, if you are gay.

From all my rela­tion­ships with my ex boy friends, I had only had a rela­tion­ship that last­ed me for 2 years; even that too start­ed off with sex.

My very first boy friend was some­one that I have bump into in a shop­ping mall, and I got to met him after a few con­ver­sa­tion online. Our courtship nev­er went out from my house, as he was real­ly clos­et, and he did not want to be seen togeth­er with me by his friends.

It start­ed out well, we enjoyed kiss­ing each oth­er, and even­tu­al­ly we had our first sex­u­al encounter right in my bed room. We have been see­ing each oth­er this way for a year.

My sec­ond boy friend was a lit­tle more open. Meet­ing up with peo­ple that he know is gay, hang­ing out togeth­er is very very com­mon with K. How­ev­er, we did not meet up nor­mal­ly like any cou­ple would have. I met him up in his rel­a­tive’s place, and I was sup­posed to fetch him from his rel­a­tive’s place back home.

It was the first night I was with K, it was also his first time hav­ing a boy friend, and sex­u­al experience.

When I met A, things were a lit­tle dif­fer­ent. We just had a chat over cof­fee, but that is what I would pre­fer to call it. In the actu­al fact, I was just busy check­ing out stuffs on my lap­top while A look on. We hard­ly exchanged any words, and after that encounter, A said to me that he thinks I am dif­fer­ent. Even we had had a lot of erot­ic con­ver­sa­tion, meet­ing up with me was pleas­ant. There were no skin con­tacts and he liked it.

We did how­ev­er, meet up for a quick blowjob after that.

Do all gay rela­tion­ships has to be based on sex? Even though it has start­ed that way between me and L, I real­ly hope that one day things would be more dif­fer­ent. I am tru­ly in love with L and I think he knows that.

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3 Responses to Gay relationships always has to be sex

  1. Annonymous April 3, 2008 at 11:09 pm #

    I don’t know in which posi­tion I am to comment.

    I’m just a form 5 stu­dent who has nev­er had sex. I had my first crush on my class­mate in stan­dard 6. And I believe that was sex-driven.

    Then I met a guy in sec­ondary school. He got my atten­tion on the very first day. He’s qui­et and dif­fer­ent. I did­n’t usu­al­ly fan­ta­size over him, because that’s like.….inappropriate. And I can always find flaw in his appear­ance when I com­pare him to oth­er peo­ple. But that feel­ing just devel­oped and in Form 4 I think I’m in love with him. It’s been more than a year. That’s my first.… well, LOVE.

  2. koala April 5, 2008 at 12:46 am #

    hmmm… koala reli cant com­ment lu cos koala did­nt go ard sex sex or ppl sex sex koala lu. kekeke… any­way koala oso heard from oth­ers wat u said. to koala hav­ing sex before a fren­ship n rela­tion­ship is some­thing shaky.

  3. azhan April 6, 2008 at 1:38 am #

    i’m very impressed with you for even been in relationships

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