Flirting …

I am angry, I don’t know what to say.

Well, I met K. K is the guy that is work­ing in the pub togeth­er with L’s new boy friend, lets call him K2.

I got kin­da close with K because he is a nice guy. Well, I don’t real­ly care what L would think, but that pub is a pub that I fre­quent long time ago, even before I met L.

Any­ways, L was­n’t there today. Well I did­n’t want to see him any­ways. What hap­pened yes­ter­day night was already enough of the sto­ry to tell.

K request­ed me to fetch his ex boy friend from Wangsa Maju. I agreed because I have got noth­ing to do; bet­ter than sit­ting at home feel­ing lone­ly, I went over.

I knew K2 is the kin­da guy that fools around. Just when I fetch K’s ex boy friend over, imme­di­ate­ly K2 approached him. I asked K if K2 knows his ex boy friend, appar­ent­ly K is pissed at K2 because of the flirt­ing as well.

Sigh …

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