Edison Chen, Gillian Chung and Bobo Chan Sex Pictures

When the news of the doc­tor’s sex take came out, the whole Malaysia was look­ing for it.

When the news of Edi­son Chen, Gillian Chung, and Bobo Chan cap­tur­ing their snap­shots, the whole world par­tic­u­lar­ly the Chi­nese are look­ing for it.

What usu­al­ly fuels these search­es, and is it because of sex, that add more to the fuel?

Well, me for one was­n’t quite inter­est­ed with who­ev­er Gillian Chung, or Bobo Chan is. Actu­al­ly I don’t real­ly know who they are. Yes, I am a Chi­nese and I watch Chi­nese movies, but know­ing who stars in what is just total­ly waste of time.

Edi­son Chen on the oth­er hand, had got this bad boy naughty boy kind of look. Many gay boys that I have known tak­en up the name as their own. Lame, I know.

How­ev­er, the sto­ry is about this boy named Edi­son that I know known.

I have talked about this boy briefly in this post. Back then, I was this sin­gle gay guy who had just come out from the clos­et. I have always want­ed a sex partner.

When I first met Edi­son, he is this heav­i­ly bleached hair guy with a lit­tle baby fat. Short and cute we had a drink near­by his house. That time, I was being a lit­tle ner­vous on how he would think about me, we separated.

A cou­ple days lat­er, dur­ing the night Edi­son sent me a SMS ask­ing if I would like to meet up with him. I felt sur­prised, but I went over to his house and meet up with him anyways.

When I reached his place, and parked my car at the last time where I have parked, he guid­ed me to the pool, then down to the chang­ing room where the sauna is. I was still con­fused and was­n’t sure what is hap­pen­ing, and soon he start­ed kiss­ing me on the lips, ask­ing me if I would like to fuck him.

Not know­ing if it was best to reject, I accept­ed his offer. He unzipped my pants, took out my still flac­cid cock, and start­ed stroking it. It did not take too long before he bend down and start putting my cock in his mouth and play­ing it around with his tongue.

I think at that time, togeth­er with the heat from the sauna which fueled the excite­ment that I was hav­ing, I soon start­ed to get real­ly hot and horny. Hot from the heat, and hot from the boy that was actu­al­ly suck­ing my cock. He isn’t just any cute boy that I know, rather an adorable boy that I do not mind play­ing with.

Now that he has got my hard cock all worked up, he looked for the con­dom that he had put in his bag. He teared the pro­tec­tive cov­er, and slide it on my cock, and took out a bot­tle of lubri­cate. Boy, the boy had pre­pared everything.

When I first entered Edi­son, it felt real­ly odd. I soon real­ized that he is loose per­haps because of his very active sex­u­al lifestyle. He want­ed it fast and hard, and I oblig­at­ed by pick­ing up my pace, hump­ing him as hard as he would allow.

I like his rather small cock, after I have ejac­u­lat­ed. He often want me to suck his cock, and some­times hump­ing my head in a thrust­ing I did not mind it because his penis was not of great length. Then he would want me to start lick­ing his balls and he would mas­tur­bate him­self till he cums. Per­haps that time I am not as good suck­ing as I am now, but he seems to be enjoy the ‘attack’ of my tongue to his hang­ing balls. He would then cum into my mouth, and some­times I have no sec­ond thoughts when I start to swal­low his sweet boy juice.

We often spend the last few min­utes kiss­ing and hug­ging each oth­er. Per­haps as a grat­i­tude to thank each oth­er for the won­der­ful time that we had.

From that day onwards, Edi­son had not reply a sin­gle mes­sage of mine. No phone calls, no nothing.

By the way, I kin­da liked the pic­ture that was exposed on the Inter­net of Edis­on’s cock. It looked very smooth and very ‘suck­able’. Good thing my boy friend have the sim­i­lar shape and size.

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  1. Bengbeng February 10, 2008 at 7:39 am #

    hap­py chi­nese new year…why so long no update?

  2. ong February 14, 2008 at 5:39 pm #


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