Just read “Men are Pigs, But We Love Bacon,” cov­er to cov­er. While at times you come across as a bit sanc­ti­mo­nious, your sar­cas­tic wit made what could have been a “dried-vagi­na” read (to bor­row your phrase) both inter­est­ing and entertaining.

Yet your book did­n’t cov­er a sub­ject I’m curi­ous about: “dock­ing” — putting your knob inside an uncut guy’s fore­skin and using his skin to whack your col­lec­tive stack.

I’ve seen it in porn and read about it of course in “Lati­no Fric­tion”, but have only expe­ri­enced it a cou­ple times. It was amaz­ing, but how safe is it from an HIV point of view? It seems that since the cock heads aren’t mov­ing, you don’t have the same risk of infec­tion due to things trav­el­ing up the ure­thra, but if one guy shoots inside the oth­er guy’s skin, isn’t that sort of ask­ing for trou­ble? Would­n’t it be like shoot­ing the infec­tion right on up in there? Wear­ing a love glove would cer­tain­ly solve the prob­lem but would also defeat the pur­pose. So, what say you?

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