Dedicated to Kenny

I always dis­like clean­ing up my room. I mean, I liked it to be clean, more like rear­rang­ing and throw­ing out stuffs. That is what I dislike.

Clean­ing’ up has been a chore to me since last few weeks, more and more delays. It is not that I have been avoid­ing it, but rather, try­ing to avoid it.

Maybe I am not mak­ing much sense to you. I just dis­like clean­ing up; that does­n’t make me a dirty per­son. Just dis­like clean­ing up.

I have a lot of old mem­o­ries stashed behind me. Under my bed, under my pil­low, in the clos­et, on the book racks. All these mem­o­ries reminds me of some­thing good, or some­thing bad. In which makes me dis­like doing what I do.

Often, some­times read­ing all these ‘stashed’ away notes, it reminds me of my ex boy friends. Even with just a sim­ple Star­bucks receipt, I am sure to remem­ber who I went with, what drink did we ordered, what was our chat top­ic and etc.

Recent­ly, I have met up with this guy, and I shall name him Kenny.

Ken­ny is a sweet­heart, I am start­ing to fall in love with him. How­ev­er, in between Ken­ny, there is anoth­er per­son who is sort of the bor­der between us. It is not that I am com­plain­ing or some­thing but this per­son that is in between is my guardian angel, guard­ing his mortal.

My guardian angel cares a lot about me, he sug­gest­ed to me that I should just play it slow and steady. How­ev­er, my guardian angel acci­dent­ly leaked out my blog address to Ken­ny. How­ev­er, not known to Ken­ny is that I some­times write fic­tion sto­ries; sto­ries that hap­pened in the past, but I dat­ed it like it hap­pened to me recently.

I got to know that Ken­ny is con­fused over the ‘rela­tion­ship’ over the ‘boy friend’ that I have called ‘boy friend’ in my pre­vi­ous post. I guess that par­tic­u­lar post basi­cal­ly screw up the whole trust issue.

When I was dream­ing about you Ken­ny, I was hop­ing that you would do the same. The day I ruin my life for writ­ing about my past, I real­ly real­ly do need to say so much. The day you run away from me, the day when you over reacted.

Ken­ny, I hope you can find some­one bet­ter, and I hope he would love you like I do.

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