Met Dan­ny today. It was great. I felt ner­vous because this is the first time I have ever invit­ed some­one that I have not met before over to my house.

He came over, with his bicy­cle. In fact he was stay­ing very near to me. We met on the net.

He called me on my mobile the past few days. He sound­ed cute. I real­ly like it. The way he act­ed when I chat with him is nice.

When I saw him, I noticed his hair. Its so soft and so smooth. I invit­ed him in of course.

He sat on my bed, look­ing around. I put the VCD that he brought along in the play­er and put it on the TV. We watch, and soon get­ting real­ly horny. He start­ed to sit clos­er to me.

He lean more against me, I smell his hair, nice. He put his hand on my thigh, at this moment, we are both lying down on my bed. He turned over and hugged me, and put his hand inside my pants. I did­n’t stop him for I feel good hav­ing his hand on my crotch.

I can’t stand it any­more. I took off my pants, reveal­ing my white brief. I grab Dan­ny’s hand and I put it inside my brief. He starts to fon­dle around. Both of us are not total­ly igno­rance to what is on the TV. He slow­ly slide my under­pants down to my knee, and start stroking me gently.

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