Contracted H1N1

I will not be able to update.

The med­ica­tion that the doc­tors gave me makes me drowsy.

This guy got admit­ted a few days before. He passed away this morn­ing.

I can­not resist but to get one of the nurse to pose for me. *Tee hee*

Well I wish I can get home soon, but they said I need to be quar­an­tined for anoth­er 5 more days.

So ya, some­one sneaked in my Mac­book Pro to the ward. Secu­ri­ty isn’t as tight, but still.

I miss my soft bed, I miss my warm fuz­zling jacuzzi. I want to get home quick.

Doc­tors are here again, he asked me to get off the com­put­er in 5 min­utes. So ya, I will be around.

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  1. har.… haiyu… i was dumb­found­ed. hope ur ok n recov­er fast yah. no won­der did­nt see u on9. no wor­ry. u so noti sure be ok 1. noti boi has lot­sa fight­ing genes. kaka… 5 days huh. make dat 3 days! eat more! this thurs is drag­on boat fes­ti­val. eat bak chang! quick, recov­er! i got blog eat. then some1 sneak out eat bak chang. haha…

  2. Hi Cedric. Have been read­ing ur blog. And i enjoy­ing read­ing it. Thanks for shar­ing. Take care. And get well soon.

  3. OMG, I will pray for your speedy recov­ery. Seri­ous­ly thought you were jok­ing from the title of post and I real­ly hoped you were.

    You will be alright soon =)

  4. This is the first time I have to say some­thing on this blog. I am so sor­ry that to hear that you con­tract­ed H1N1. Do get well soon. I will pray for your recov­ery.