Coming Out

Love, Simon

For a long time, I was killing myself to hide that fact. I had all these rea­sons, it was unfair that only gay peo­ple had to come out, I was sick of change, but the truth is, I was just scared.

First, I thought it was just a gay thing but then I realised that no mat­ter what, announc­ing who you are to the world is pret­ty ter­ri­fy­ing cause what if the world does­n’t like you. So, I did what­ev­er I could to keep my secret.

I hurt the best, most impor­tant peo­ple and I want them to know that I’m sor­ry. I am done being scared. I’m done liv­ing in a world where I don’t get to be who I am. I deserve a great love sto­ry. Dis­claimer, this is about to get roman­tic as F.

So, any­one adverse to gra­tu­itous feel­ings kind­ly click over to the Buz­zFeed quiz or resume the porn you paused to read this. This guy that I love once wrote that he felt like he was stuck on a Fer­ris wheel. On top of the world one minute, rock bot­tom the next.

That’s how I feel now. I could­n’t ask for more amaz­ing friends, more under­stand­ing fam­i­ly, but it would be all so much bet­ter if I had some­one to share it with. So Blue, I might not know your name or what you look like, but I know who you are.

I know you’re fun­ny and thought­ful. You choose your words care­ful­ly and that they’re always per­fect and I know that you’ve been pre­tend­ing for so long it’s hard to believe that you can stop. I get it. Like I told you at the very begin­ning, I’m just like you. So Blue, after the play, Fri­day at 10, you know where I’ll be. No pres­sure for you to show up but I hope you do. Because you deserve a great love sto­ry too.

It was such a won­der­ful movie, Love, Simon. The movie is about a teenag­er com­ing out. Maybe I should some­times talk about my com­ing out sto­ry. Maybe not.

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