Cleaning up the closet

It is dur­ing the hol­i­day when I had noth­ing bet­ter to do. It is a day where I can rest myself from the dai­ly office tus­sles. A day where I can sleep.

How­ev­er on this day, I have decid­ed to clean up the closet.

I have found some real­ly inter­est­ing stuffs. Stuffs like sto­ries that I have down­loaded from the net long time ago, way before graph­i­cal porn become a pop­u­lar­i­ty. Books that I have turned into my diary and scrib­bled my heart con­tent at that moment of time, I have found sev­er­al of them.

One of the most inter­est­ing piece of enve­lope was actu­al­ly from a hotel stay that I had back in 2006 in a small town called Taiping.

I could remem­ber vague­ly how mem­o­rable the meet up was. It was a total­ly ran­dom meet­ing up with this guy that I have been chat­ting over MSN for the past cou­ple of months.

I took the dri­ve to Taip­ing. It was a some­what pleas­ant and smooth jour­ney. It took me a cou­ple of hours before find­ing the sign­board to the town off the high­way. I called the guy up and we were set up to meet at this dis­tinc­tive land­mark that I could not miss, in front of a fast food restaurant.

We drove around look­ing for a nice and cheap hotel but at that time, I think it was the peak sea­son where most of the hotels were ful­ly booked. We final­ly found one that still has got a room. I reg­is­tered immediately.

The clerk swipe my cred­it card and we got up to the room. Took a show­er and we just hang around the room watch­ing some movies that I have brought along with me. It was sup­pos­ed­ly to be a plea­sure week­end for me, just relax­ing in some unknown town.

I was real­ly tired from the dri­ve, and I must have dozed off on the bed. The guy that I was with were stroking my body, and my hard cock; he had not real­ized that I was already awake.

I put my hand on his head stroking his hair. He was still watch­ing the show that I have loaded up on my note­book to watch. He was sur­prised, and quick­ly hide his embar­rass­ment by not look­ing at me. I moved on to hold his hand, putting it on my still hard cock, hope­ful­ly to sig­nal him that it is okay for him to touch.

I slide his hand in my pants, since it was going to be a long dri­ve, I wore some­thing more com­fort­able, than some­thing styl­ish. His hand fit into my pants snugly.

I pulled down my pants a lit­tle just to reveal a lit­tle of my under­wear wrist­band. He looked into my eyes, as if was ask­ing if it was okay for him to pull down my pants and suck on to my hard cock.

He hes­ti­tat­ed a lit­tle before pulling down my under­wear reveal­ing my throb­bing cock. He gave it a sniff, and licked it a lit­tle. His warm and wet mouth wrapped around my dick head and it felt real­ly real­ly good. I lie back down to the bed enjoy­ing what the boy has got to offer.

Things had got out of hand, I pulled him up by my side, giv­ing him a kiss on the lips. I smeared some lubri­cant that I have brought along to his love hole, and I entered him gently.

He did not felt tight. It was­n’t loose either. It was nice­ly fit that I enjoyed it real­ly much.

The night end­ed with him in my arms, before I real­ized that I had not had any­thing the whole day and I was starv­ing. We drove out to some alley where they serve one of the nicest ‘kuey teow’ soup there is that I have ever tasted.

We went back to the hotel room again, we chat­ted a cou­ple of oth­er things, and things got hot again.

It was tir­ing, and yet fun to dri­ve around some­times. Well, espe­cial­ly if you are stop­ping some­where ran­dom­ly meet­ing up some­thing online. It would be real fun.

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