Chow Kit Road

Thats it. I tell you.

Noth­ing to do yes­ter­day, drove around KL and my pes­sanger thought of drop­ping by a place in Chow Kit.

We went around the place for a few times, saw some real­ly nice chiqs there. Pret­ty and nice chiqs.

Then this indi­an guy stopped us, telling us that he has got some real­ly nice chiqs, for 50 bucks. We thought, why not. Lets try.

Parked the car by the site of the road, went inside and take a look at the girls. Not real­ly my type but my friend wants to try out. Okay then. 50 bucks for the girl and 10 for the room.

I did not feel right then. I was there for a mas­sage, but that mas­sage real­ly is not worth the mon­ey. She asked me to sit in the posi­tion that I sup­posed is to fuck her. Asked me to get myself hard. I thought she was sup­posed to give me a blowjob? Does­n’t seem like it. From that time onwards it seems that we have been conned.

I went out of the room, the guy that is guard­ing the door did not both­er about me at first. Then some­one yelled out on his walk­ing, noth­ing I can reconise and I did not give a shit about it. He then asked me to move out­side giv­ing the excuse that there is a police raid.

I went to the car, the first thing I noticed is that my draw­er is open. I do not remem­ber it being opened when I left the car. I then saw my coin box is emp­ty, Then I know that the car has been bro­ken into. My friend came out from the place telling me that he lost his phone.

I told him not to go back to get the phone and leave the place. There are many peo­ple inside there that look like thugs. Who else would oper­ate this kind of place if not thugs? He went ahead to get what he wants, at least the mem­o­ry card of his phone.

He went back in for quite some time. I was dead wor­ried. I tried call­ing to his phone and it was still ring­ing. After a while it stopped indi­cat­ing that the phone has been switched off. I wait­ed a while more, and tried call­ing a few friends of us just in case some­thing happen.

He came back out, I was relieved that he is okay.

It seems that there is a secret pas­sage that the peo­ple use to access the cloth­ing. The place where the pros­ti­tutes asked us to put. Per­haps a trap door.

As for my car, they used some­thing to restrict the sen­sors, so that it will not trig­ger the alarm sys­tem. I felt good luck that I did not bring my lap­top out. Also that I have not lost much except for the things in my car. I would be dread­ed if I have lost my 2 days old phone.

The only dif­fer­ence is why I am not being tar­get­ed is because I did not choose to fuck the girl. No won­der she was talk­ing all by herself.


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