Cherating Beach Holidays, Part 2

  • This post con­tains explic­it con­tent about 2 con­sent bisex­u­al males. Please do not pro­ceed if you do not wish to view or under­aged. We know you will anyways. *

So both of us were lying on the bed, me on my dear dear’s chest. I got wok­en up when dear dear made a sud­den move­ment. The sky on the out­side begins to get dark. We had total­ly for­got about the time. We were still stalk naked, like the day we were first born. The watch on my wrist shows that it is 5 min­utes past 7. We can hear the wind blow­ing against the trees, and the sound of the waves rush­ing to the beach.

I slept there on dear dear’s chest. Not want­i­ng to leave my dear­est. His slow breath blow through my hair. I hug him clos­er, and he moved a little.

I was think­ing of some­thing, I can­not remem­ber, then I start­ed lick­ing my bf’s nip­ple. Work­ing slow­ly down his tum­my, to his naval. I went straight again to lick on his still flac­cid dick. The smell of the body bath that we used ear­li­er is still cov­er­ing his soft skin. His dick slow­ly grow into a full 6 inch in my mouth.

I felt his hand on my head, comb­ing my hair with his fin­gers. I guess I must have woke him up. He moan a lit­tle when I tried to put his full thing inside my mouth. I came back up again, and give him a peck on his lips. He smiled to me and said, “Naughty boy”.

He was already hard, I hold on to him, give him a lick on his nip­ple, then I bend down again giv­ing him anoth­er suck on his dick. He pulled my hip towards him, giv­ing me a nice lick on my already hard cock. He start­ed to put my whole dick inside his mouth, lick­ing my balls once a while. I got real­ly high and had to stop suck­ing my dear dear.

Dear dear push my head towards his cock, instruct­ing me to suck him. He said to make it wet, and real­ly wet. I could imag­ine what he would want to do. I start­ed suck­ing him, con­cen­trad­ing on his glands, and lick­ing his balls once a while. I could taste some pre-cum of dear ooz­ing out slow­ly from the piss hole and it tast­ed sweet­er than ever.

He pulled me back, face to face. Giv­ing me a real­ly pas­sion­ate kiss. I alighed my love hole with dear’s cock, and slow­ly sit on it. Slow­ly it went in. With lips still attached togeth­er, dear dear gave it a lit­tle push, and it went in all. It felt heavenly.

Dear pushed my chest up. I start­ed to pump his cock by mov­ing up and down, his cock went in to me deep and hard, I start­ed to moan real­ly loud­ly before I noticed a shad­ow at the win­dow fac­ing the beach shined by the dim lights; I panicked…

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