Cherating Beach Holidays

I need a break from all these shits that is hap­pen­ing to me right now. With all the men­tal dis­tur­bance, I seri­ous­ly need to take a dip in the ocean.

Speak­ing of the beach, I remem­bered there was once me and my boy friend went to Cher­at­ing. With­out my par­en­t’s knowl­edge of course. Dear took the high way from KL to Kuan­tan using the new high­way. I had to take a bus to KL first, to meet up with him.

When we reach, we were greet­ed warm­ly by the receip­tion there. With a free com­pli­men­ta­ry drink for each of us.

We were guid­ed to our room after dear dear have gave his iden­ti­fi­ca­tions. It was sup­posed to be a beach fac­ing room and all. It turns out the be a beach fac­ing suite. The dec­o­ra­tion of the room is fan­tas­tic and I wish I had tak­en pic­tures of it. The next thing I like is the bath­room. It was equipt­ed with 2 toi­let bowls, a huge bath tub and the mir­ror, OMG is so huge!

Dear dear and me could eas­i­ly fit into the bath tub with no prob­lems. We took a soak in the bath tub, and both of us got real­ly horny from it. We came out from the tub and dried out­selves. Jump on straight to the big com­fy bed.

Dear dear was naughty, he bend over to his lug­gage bag and took out a bot­tle of lube. I guess he must have pre­pared it for a few weeks already. He put it aside the bed, and he said he was tired. I was like .. WTF WEI !!!

I tried to protest, but dear dear con­tin­ue lying down on the bed motion­less. I guess he must have been tired from all the dri­ving and all. I gave dear dear a light kiss on the lips, and he respond­ed back. I lie down on his naked chest fol­low­ing the rhythm of his breath­ing. I give his nip­ple a light kiss. His hand around my head, run­ning through my hair in sign of approval.

Light breeze blew in to the room from the beach, the glass door was left open previously.

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