Bitchboy Part 5

Grad­u­al­ly my body relaxed again, but the gri­mace nev­er fad­ed, and as I sur­ren­dered to Adam’s will, I began open­ly sob­bing. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” I cried, over and over. “God yes, do it, use me, fuck my hole. Fuck it. Fuck me. Use my ass.” Hear­ing my plea, Adam stepped up the pace of his fuck­ing, and then just when I thought I was the hap­pi­est lit­tle frat boy slut in the uni­verse, he stepped up his pace again. And again. And again. Jesus, how was it pos­si­ble he could fuck me that hard? I’d nev­er even fucked a girl that hard before. And yet, there he was, throt­tling his huge dick in and out of me, seem­ing­ly at a hun­dred miles per hour. Each stroke went ful­ly into me, and came back out. I loved every god­damn second.

Oh fuck yes, do it, fuck me hard­er, hard­er, please…” I begged. “Fuck me…ah-h‑h…yes, fuck my hole…”

Jan­ice, this whole time, was fin­ger­ing her­self. She was trans­fixed by the image of me get­ting fucked. She tells me every day that it’s the sex­i­est thing she’s ever seen–watching a hot guy like me give up my ass to oth­er men. In between her moans, she man­aged to say to Adam: “Yeah, I think he likes it! Fuck him hard!”

Fuckin’ right he does,” Adam grunt­ed, ham­mer­ing into me extra hard. “Fuckin’ hot lit­tle frat boy bitch.”

He was final­ly fuck­ing me so hard that I could­n’t respond in any way oth­er than to sim­ply wail. I felt like a pig on a rotis­serie. Adam’s long cock filled me up so com­plete­ly that I knew I had turned some dark cor­ner in my sex­u­al life. I not only loved his cock inside me, I need­ed it. Adam’s cock, any cock. I need­ed it bad.

Gonna cum in your sweet ass,” he mut­tered, and a half-sec­ond lat­er, I felt it. The first jet of sperm went so far inside me that I think I felt it in the back of my throat. This was fol­lowed by what felt like a gal­lon of more pre­cious warmth, gooey and pun­gent, fill­ing up my whole ass until it start­ed flow­ing back out.

Oh Jesus, oh fuck,” he gasped, clutch­ing my hips on either side to steady him­self as he lost con­trol inside my new­ly-deflow­ered male cunt. My own dick was like­wise ready to burst, and when I felt the waves of his cum spurt­ing sub­side, I got up on my haunch­es (care­ful­ly keep­ing Adam’s dick inside me) and beat off my last few glo­ri­ous strokes, scream­ing in ecsta­sy as I splat­tered my third load of spunk all over Jan­ice’s legs.

She was moan­ing, too, still reach­ing the peaks of orgasm at the sight of two hot men enjoy­ing them­selves to utter­ly in front of her. She worked her cunt furi­ous­ly, and her pussy juices flowed freely all over the bed.

I col­lapsed for­ward, and Adam also fell for­ward, his firm chest mus­cles like a warm cush­ion against my upper back. He kissed my neck and the back of my ears, telling me sweet­ly I was the hottest and best guy he’d ever fucked. I want­ed to ask him how many guys he’d fucked–I sus­pect­ed it was many, giv­en his hot looks, his huge cock, his pow­er­ful body and his mas­ter­ful technique–but I fig­ured I’d ask some oth­er time.

So frat boy,” Jan­ice said to me when we’d all caught our breaths. “You up for more?”

Hell yes,” I said. “What’s next?”

More of the same,” she said. “I know Adam here has got quite a few more loads left in him. So do I. Noth­ing gets me off like watch­ing men fuck. So, I want Adam here to fuck your ass­hole all night long.”

Oh yeah.” I imme­di­ate­ly felt dizzy. What an intox­i­cat­ing sug­ges­tion. “How do you want me, stud?”

Get on your back. That’s eas­i­est,” he instruct­ed me. Jan­ice grabbed a small box from the desk and moved to the oth­er bed, posi­tion­ing her­self so she could watch us and use her col­lec­tion of sex toys on her pussy.

I obeyed my new mas­ter’s com­mand, rolling on my back on the sheets, which were drenched at this point with all our loads of cum. I spread like a good bitch, hold­ing up my tan, toned, shape­ly legs in a tall “V” for­ma­tion while Adam took his place between them. His cock was rock hard once again, and he screwed the tip of it into my new­ly hun­gry male pussy. I could­n’t wait to get fucked hard by him again. I looked up soul­ful­ly into his dark eyes as he low­ered him­self over me, sink­ing that giant tor­pe­do of a dick into me, and at the same time, bring­ing his ten­der lips to mine for a deep, erot­ic kiss. Our tongues played togeth­er like hun­gry lovers, and I lost myself in his embrace as his hips began their churn­ing of his cock inside my ass.

Know­ing it pleased Jan­ice, I was more than hap­py to act as slut­ty as pos­si­ble for him, even though I was enjoy­ing the feel­ing of being a slut any­way. It was the start of a beau­ti­ful and spe­cial rela­tion­ship for all three of us, but most­ly for Jan­ice and me. This was her kink, and I was more than hap­py to com­ply. In the fol­low­ing weeks and months, she and I found every dif­fer­ent kind of hot stud who was will­ing to pound my hole for both our plea­sure. I took cock after cock and load after load, as she plea­sured her­self, look­ing on.

But this first night, it was all about Adam. His love­ly face. His beau­ti­ful kiss­es. His firm shoul­ders. I clung to him as he fucked me deep, for what would be the sec­ond of five times that night. I need­ed to feel him on top of me, hump­ing me full of his cock and his cum, over and over again. With one last smile at Jan­ice on the oth­er bed, I shut my eyes and pulled Adam clos­er to me, rel­ish­ing the rise and fall of his pow­er­ful body over mine, gath­er­ing his firm shoul­ders in my own strong arms and hang­ing on for dear life.

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