Bitchboy Part 4

Adam rimmed me good and deep, using both his hands to pull me wide open, and
gen­tly lap­ping with his tongue to loosen me up. As I became more relaxed, I
auto­mat­i­cal­ly start­ed push­ing back at him with my ass, hump­ing his face
almost. Girls did this to me some­times when I was lick­ing their cunts, and
now I did it, because Adam was lick­ing mine. Feel­ing his tongue go deep­er
and deep­er inside me, I attacked Jan­ice’s pussy with even more gus­to. She
was wail­ing like a ban­shee now, and I was too, grunt­ing and groan­ing into
her pussy as each deep tongue stroke from Adam up my ass­hole pushed me
deep­er into her.

Sud­den­ly, all at once, I real­ized it was going to hap­pen. I want­ed it to
hap­pen. I want­ed to be fucked.

Fuck me.” It start­ed as a half-con­scious state­ment, just anoth­er grunt,
muf­fled by Jan­ice’s pussy. She was cum­ming in waves now, her tan­ta­liz­ing
juices pour­ing over me, get­ting all over my face. “Fuck me, fuck me…” I
grunt­ed, slow­ly rais­ing my face from its duties. The more I real­ized what I
was say­ing, the more I want­ed it. I said it loud­er: “Fuck me, man! Fuck me!”

I looked up at Jan­ice, who was smil­ing at both of us. “I think he’s ready,”
she said.

You sure, man?” came Adam’s voice from behind me–actually, under me,
between my legs.

I was prac­ti­cal­ly cry­ing with desire. “Yeah, fuck me, stud. Oh god man, your
tongue feels so good. I wan­na feel more up there…fuck it, just fuck me.
Please!” I pushed back with my ass, like a good hun­gry bitch. “I’m beg­ging
you, man. Fill me up, fuck my hole. I wan­na get your huge cock way up deep
inside me.”

You got it,” he said, ris­ing to his feet on the bed. He aimed his gigan­tic
tool right at my butt. The sali­va he’d put there as lube made my hole feel
cold and exposed in the evening air of the lit­tle room. Then the tip of his
cock kissed my asslips, and find­ing lit­tle resis­tance (his rim job had done
the trick) he pushed the head a lit­tle ways inside. I did­n’t feel pain, only
the desire for more. So he kept on push­ing, more and more of his twelve jock
inch­es dis­ap­pear­ing inside me, until final­ly he bot­tomed out, and I had his
entire bone buried the whole way, deep inside my vir­gin hole. It felt so
beau­ti­ful, so per­fect, so right.

Fuck me Adam,” I mum­bled. “So fuckin’ good. Oh god, all the way in me. Fuck
my frat boy ass­hole.”

He let me rel­ish the entire­ty of his cock for over a minute, and my ass­hole
slow­ly quit spas­ming and relaxed around the base of his pole. I took some
deep breaths. I was about to get fucked for the first time, by a beau­ti­ful
jock with a gigan­tic cock. I want­ed to enjoy it, so I shut my eyes and told
myself to relax.

Jan­ice told me lat­er how beau­ti­ful I looked, a sexy frat dude on all fours
on her bed, face rest­ing between her legs, hunky chest against her mat­tress,
with my fine ass pushed up high and sexy Adam’s rod pushed all the way
inside. She start­ed cum­ming again as soon as she saw Adam pull the whole way
out of me and then sink his cock back in again, caus­ing me to raise my head
and look at her with a gri­mace of sex­u­al anguish.

I both savored the feel­ing of being fucked by Adam and was shocked and
aston­ished that it was hap­pen­ing. And the dis­be­lief did­n’t stop there. I
could­n’t believe that enor­mous cock I’d just seen, prac­ti­cal­ly as long as my
fore­arm, was churn­ing in and out of my but­t­hole, over and over. I could­n’t
believe it was phys­i­cal­ly pos­si­ble. I could­n’t believe he and Jan­ice had
want­ed this, and set the whole thing up. How many oth­er unsus­pect­ing frat
dudes had they done this to? And most of all, I could­n’t believe how much I
loved the way it felt. I was total­ly used by him. I was a pussy-boy, tak­ing
Adam’s cock and his fuck. I was his bitch.

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