Bitchboy Part 3

Jan­ice twist­ed around on the bed then, and gave me an erot­ic, deep kiss. When our lips part­ed, she said: “Adam point­ed you out a few weeks ago. We both thought you were hot. We hoped you were up for it.”

Total­ly,” I said, truth­ful­ly. Of course, if they’d approached me direct­ly instead of seduc­ing me the way they did, I would have said: No way! But doing it like this seemed per­fect. “So…what’s next?”

Jan­ice shift­ed again, onto her back. “Lick my pussy.”

I hes­i­tat­ed. “But…it’s full of…”

Adam’s cum. I know. Eat it.”

Wild. I love eat­ing pussy–with all due mod­esty, in fact, I was pret­ty well known for it among some cam­pus girls–so down I went. I smelled it before I tast­ed it, nat­u­ral­ly. There was the famil­iar scent of girl juices, of course, but lay­ered over that was the unmis­tak­able whiff of some­thing else. It was a smell I only real­ly asso­ci­at­ed with beat­ing off, since there was no oth­er time when I real­ly encoun­tered it. After a deep breath, I sunk my face in her beau­ti­ful snatch and licked my way to heav­en. I ate her pussy, and Adam’s fresh cum.

And so it was that I first ate a load. It was the first time fresh, hot sperm ever made its way inside me. Up until this time, I had always been focused on send­ing it the oth­er direc­tion. But all that was about to change.

I’d got­ten only a few min­utes into this total­ly new expe­ri­ence, bent over on all fours between Jan­ice’s legs with my tongue going full force, when I was aware of Adam crouch­ing behind me on the bed. What the hell was he think­ing? Oh right, now that I’d let him blow me, this was just the next log­i­cal step? I pulled out of Jan­ice’s pussy and twist­ed by face to look back at him. “What the hell are you doing, man?”

Noth­ing bad. You’ll see.”

You’re not fuck­ing my ass, bud­dy. That’s just some­thing that isn’t going to happen.”

Uh-huh.” He looked so beau­ti­ful back there, his sexy chest and strong shoul­ders, his hand­some face.


His eyes twin­kled as he looked down at me, smil­ing. I felt a flut­ter inside. Real­ly, what would it feel like? Then he did some­thing amaz­ing: he took his huge dick, which was already rock hard again, and he spanked it a cou­ple of times against my ass. Holy shit. Like I was his bitch, or some­thing. That’s some­thing I rarely even do to a girl, unless I know she’s kinky and she wants me to dom­i­nate her. When I felt Adam’s big cock slap against my ass cheeks, and then his shaft press into my crack and against my hole, I felt a rush of…what was it? I felt like I would cum on the spot. Maybe I could be fucked by this stud. Maybe…?

Maybe…” came Jan­ice’s ten­der voice below me. I looked back at her, her sweet fea­tures, her splayed, will­ing female form. She was look­ing around me, at Adam. “Maybe you should warm him up first, babe.”

Warm me up? What the hell? But I could­n’t real­ly react, because as she said these words, she pulled my face back into her hon­ey hole, and instinc­tive­ly, I went back to enjoy­ing my meal. I still won­dered what the hell Adam was doing back there, though, and I got my answer momen­tar­i­ly. I felt a lit­tle more shuf­fling behind me, and then some­thing wet land­ed on my ass­hole. And stayed there. And moved around.

Holy shit. Adam was lick­ing my ass­hole. He had bitch-slapped me with his mas­sive rod, mark­ing his ter­ri­to­ry, and now he was eat­ing out my ass. My male pussy, as it were. As I did the same to Jan­ice’s cunt.

I was in shock that anoth­er man was doing this to me, just as I had been a short time before, when Adam had giv­en me head. But, just like the head job, this imme­di­ate­ly felt good, way too good to pull away.

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